Thursday, February 9, 2017

Petitions and More, February 9 France. Close the zoo of the Orangery in Strasbourg,several associations denounce the appalling conditions in which the animals have to live again and again. To confirm US-info. If not signed yet. USDA, end the blackout of important animal welfare enforcement information and put inspection reports back up on your public website US. The USDA is committing censorship in its most insidious form, and protecting animal abusers instead of the animals that we pay them with our tax dollars to protect. Contact your members of Congress ZIP=5 digits. Once more. USDA has shut down its online database, blocking access to thousands of records documenting the care and treatment of animals NM-info only.  Urge the Senate Conservation Committee to Vote Yes on both Senate Bill 268, banning coyote killing competitions in which participants compete for prizes or entertainment by attempting to kill the most, largest, and smallest coyotes over a short period of time, and Senate Bill 286, prohibiting the use of deadly poisons and outdated leghold traps on New Mexico's public lands (with exceptions) NM-info only. Support House Bill 123, "Animal Food Fee for Sterilization Program"  ZIP=5 digits. Hold mining companies accountable for clean-up Canada only. Citibank: Stop funding the Dakota Access Pipeline today Russia. Officials of Krasnodar region: stop the massacre of abandoned animals;  take control of the fulfillment of obligations to which over 14 million rubles was allogated from the budget. Apply the law, based on the principles of humane treatment of animals, in compliance with the rules of public morality Ukraine. Kiev. Protesting the agonizing deaths by poison and injections of at least 100 sterilized dogs and cats, cared for by citizens, on the Mercury market, Zaporozhye, Shevchenko district under Market Director Yuri Protsenko, a former police officer and killer, violating Ukraine's legislation on the Protection of Animals (charge him) Russia. Create a public service on the 'subject' of abandoned animals in Russia in good (animal friendly) hands Turkey. Bartin. Urgently official support needed for the care of abandoned animals, and for de-sexing campaigns Russia. Requesting a legislative ban on the killing of stray animals in the Oryol oblasti region; asking for support for the Otkrytie shelter run by volunteers, and for sterilization campaigns Spain. The forests of the north burn because of unscrupulous cattlemen who want more areas of communal grass for their cattle! Stop livestock subsidies, fight these fires and repopulate forests! France. So that animal maltreatment, in all its forms, ceases! To sensitize the politicians and more particularly the candidates in future elections Argentina. Municipality of Chivilcoy. No to the announced projects in which the "eradication" of street dogs in the city has been planned. These dogs are cared for in the neighborhoods, they do not belong to the municipality, who should continue with campaigns of vaccination and supporting NGOs Chile. Minister Eyzaguirre, urgently amend Article 291bis of the Penal Code on ill-treatment and cruelty to animals
Close the 'anti-rabies' dogpound of Tláhuac, instead, grant medical attention to (abandoned) dogs, and give them a chance to be adopted Create a compulsory subject of attitude in schools on animals, gender and the environment in the EU Brazil. OLX, an online product sales company, must be condemned for mistreatment and sale of animals as objects Turkey. Give animals a life, imprisonment for animal abuse and torture Russia. Stop petting zoo's, mobile lunoparks, Dolphinariums, circuses and other mass shows with animals;  they should live in enclosures representing their natural habitat as much as possible Russia. No more bullying and backwardness in dog breeding, training, originally built on violence Bolivia. Santa Cruz. Transfer these wild animals to an appropriate habitat Spain. Close the public West Park in Malaga and relocate the animals, wallabies, emues, chameleons and birds, to various sanctuaries where they have a dignified life and freedom Spain. Protesting the removal of the nest of storks in Getafe, Madrid, located in the Cathedral of the Magdalena Brazil. Lagoa da Orla. The Aracaju Orla ducks are suffering from hunger and mutilation by the city's oceanarium fish of the species 'pirambeba', attacking the ducks Mexico. Save the Cenotes of Quintana Roo, protect flora and fauna Senator Kamala Harris: Stand Up For Our Values, Our Environment, And Our Bay The people of the United States of America do indeed oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline No to allowing coal mining companies to dump their waste in the stream
          ========   News and more   ======== Croatia: Minister of Agriculture speaks up for abandoned animals; Tomislav Tolusic: "There are already six no-kill shelters in Croatia and I believe that the new law shouldn't allow killing animals."

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