Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Petitions and More, February 1 Many more signatures are needed. Stop the barbaric killing of dogs in Kerala India France. No to the hunting option in Limoux! Let us not teach young people how to massacre animals . To confirm France. Auzenicois. Mayor, do not euthanize the 8 abandoned cats from the locality Camisolle, local residents were looking after these animals. Implement a sterilization program eBay, take the lead in protecting humans and animals (online sale) Washington only. Save Blanchard State Forest from logging Petitions, if not signed yet  Peru. Protest. The regional health manager passed a law authorizing the Mayors of Arequipa to kill dogs in the street by poisoning them to "end rabies"; this idea is completely absurd, the only way to eradicate rabies is to vaccinate them  Russia. Do not let defenseless animals be poisoned and murdered Chile. Municipality of Temuco: we demand an end to the Dogpound and the opening of a Municipal Sterilization Center (and combat the violence towards and the disappearance of dogs caught by dogcatchers, paid for by you) Brazil. Against the hunting project of Deputy Valdir Colatto, Hunting Code - Law # 5197/67 | Law No. 5,197 Brazil. No to the project of Rep. Valdir Colatto to allow any hunting of wild animals, Bill 6268/16, also allowing reservations on private properties for the hunting of any wild animals which are not on the brink of extinction Turkey. Beymen, and others, stop using real fur Germany. Immediate closure of the mink farm Rahden-Varl Changes are needed: an act of cruelty against an animal under the 2006 act for a member of the public is a criminal offence, however under the 1966 act a veterinary surgeon can take the same action and not be accountable Veterinary inspections in NGOs working with animals who have to follow basic animal welfare requirements Spain. Junta de Andalucía, Generalitat de Catalunya and Generalitat Valenciana: save the Doñana, Delta de l'Ebre and L'Albufera wetlands from pollution and lack of water Congress and the Administration: Keep nature on the agenda
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