Saturday, February 4, 2017

Petitions and More, February 4

------------------------- ZIP=5 digits. Oppose bills H.B. 458, H.B. 2107, H.B. 2589 and S.B. 371, all of which would put Cougars at great risk of hounding! ZIP=5 digits. Demand that APHIS restore animal use data on its website If not pledged yet.  ZIP=5 digits. To defend the ESA and the critical role it plays in protecting animals If not signed yet, ZIP=5 digits: Protect America's National Mammal! Appeal to the Federal Minister of Economics, Schmidt, to discontinue the subsidies for pig breeding Ask the scientific dep. of the German beer brewing industry to support animal-free research Protect the second largest tropical rainforest on earth and the “lungs of Africa!”  Do not insult us by using deception regarding the dog meat industry in Gangwon-Do province US-info. House Threatens Public Input for BLM Lands Spain. Justice for severely abused Triguero who died, and stop this kind of abuse and murder of Greyhounds! Spain. We want protection and better infrastructure for the sterilized cats we care for in the Jardins del Reg in Sant Andreu Comtal (Barcelona), in collaboration with the City Council End kill-shelters, provide education and population control Colombia. RCN & Caracol News Channel: we demand an apology for systematically creating biased hate campaigns against the badly named dogs (PPP) who are not dangerous, ignorant or evil dog owners are People will now be reluctant to adopt a pet or worse yet will start to flood the shelter with pets they can no longer afford to care for, increasing the already exorbitant number of pets euthanized monthly at the shelter! Asking the council to support the work Anita does for cats and the community, by allowing her to continue this vital work Spain. City Hall of Alcalá la Real. Prohibit the use of animals, doves, during religious events Ask Jaguar, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo to stop lining their cars with animals' skins Urge The White House To Implement The Ban On Cruel Horse Soring Tell Hermès and Prada to Ditch Exotic Skins Don't Let the EPA Be Taken Over by Polluters
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  1. Virginia Beach, letter/reply: -- ( intro/sub05/03/index.jsp?bdId= 3084&bbsMode=view) , Friendship city agreement between Goyang, Korea and Virginia Beach was signed on March 28, 2005 at the Goyang City Hall. ----