Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Petitions and More, February 8  If emailing fails, please post on Fb, use Twitter, or call! ZIP=5 digits. Wolves are natural treasures, not trophies, don't delist grey wolves - No to HR 424 ! Tell APHIS to Restore Transparency More action alerts, please take part (if not done so yet) More signatures please. End the horrifying use of dogs for surgery practice in Japan US-info. Stop the Loss of National Parks, Forests, Monuments & Wildlife Refuges Cattle grazing on federal lands is leading to the destruction of natural habitats and wildlife. This practice needs to end!  Minister, responsible for animal protection in Austria, revise the law in the sense of  the afore mentioned points; a new animal welfare law 2017 has to bring about a clear improvement in animal welfare. To confirm Thank the University of North Carolina for Ending the Use of Live Animals. Next to sign:  ask Vanderbilt University to switch to simulation France. Protest against "ransacking the area of Plantation": 200 ha of wetlands, classified as Natura 2000, for the development of a golf course, a business park, luxury hotels and subdivisions Demand a Full Environmental Assessment of the Dakota Access Pipeline  US-info. Army Corps of Engineers to be held accountable for putting Big Oil first by stopping the environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline ZIP=5 digits. Reject SJ Gas Pipeline Application No. 2012-0056.001, protect the New Jersey Pinelands  Argentina. Horror in Cordoba: killers entered a shelter for dogs and massacred at least 37 while they slept; urgently reform law 14,346 ! Argentina. Stop the dog and cat killing in the city of Sarmiento - Chubut province as a method of population control France. Justice for Laiko, 2 year old male staffy, dragged behind a car to death by his last owner Spain. This mare and pony are starving, ask the Galician regional government to confiscate them Stop hunting tourism, auction of the Safari Club International ....Against the massacre of dogs in Asia Stop Congress from Gutting Science-Based Safeguards
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