Thursday, February 2, 2017

Petitions and More, February 2 Ask the Royal Veterinary College to stop experimenting on animals Once more. ZIP=5 digits. Lawmakers intent on abandoning gray wolf recovery have introduced legislation (S. 164 & H.R. 424) to slash all protections afforded to wolves in Wyoming, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Congress, reject the war on Wolves! Demand that Congress let science and law govern wolf recovery -- not politics. Tell them to Vote No on H.R. 424 and S. 164!  Oregon (and Washington) info. Protect Native Salmon and Wildlife on the Columbia River!  Urge Oregon elected officials to get involved in the fight to reform ODFW and the Commission, and ask them to oppose any effort to make it easier to kill wolves and other imperiled wildlife in Oregon ( US, tel. call action, express your opposition to Ryan Zinke's nomination for Interior secretary. He's against protecting endangered species (and more) A mega-road construction project on the Nigerian side threatens the survival of the cross-river Gorillas! Confirm please Once more. HSBC boss Stuart Gulliver, stop funding forest destruction  Demand that the Army Corps conduct a full, truthful review of the Dakota Access pipeline — and stand with the Standing Rock Sioux in complete and total opposition to this reckless project US-info. Stop the Roll Back of Health and Environmental Protections Help hold eight Senators accountable for confirming Rex Tillerson  Scroll down for English text. Brazil. No to animal cruelty being allowed as ‘cultural events’.  Brazilian Supreme Court, withdraw the PEC 50/2016 from proceeding immediately and make it clear that this Court really protects the Brazilian Federal Constitution Italy. Justice for these puppies, victims of violent killing in San Giovanni Rotondo Germany. Get rid of BSL, Breed Specific Legislation  Indiana Lawmakers: Increase Dogfighting Penalties  More signatures are needed! Urge the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to Stop Funding Experiments on Dogs Get These American Bulldogs Back with their family
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