Thursday, February 16, 2017

Petitions and More, February 16 ZIP=5 digits. Wolves are natural treasures, not trophies; don't delist grey wolves - no to HR 424 ! US call action. Stop the 'Kill Baby Animals in Refuges' Act! Take Action on 3 Bills that Would Protect Wildlife in New Mexico! US call action. Reject Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator! France. Should the candidates for the 2017 presidential election take animal welfare into account. Yes/oui (Jadot) UK-info. Tackle plastic pollution and include a bottle deposit return scheme in the national litter strategy  Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, give immediate order to stop the systematic massacres of stray dogs in Morocco. Order massive sterilization campaigns! Turkey. Urla TOKİ Houses Administration: punishment/ penalties for the poisoning of cats by Toki Residences Site Management in İzmir Urla Spain. Defense and Dignity for Animals in Santurtzi, allow feeding stray cats! Bolivia.  Prohibit the sale of animals at a national level, and order mandatory sterilization for free Spain. No more Bullfighting, taurine 'celebrations', in Santa Bárbara, Tarragona Mexico. Lic. José Antonio Gali Fayad, the immediate legislation that prohibits the celebration of such eventsas Bullfighting throughout the State of Puebla Consorcio das Mariñas, zero slaughter in collecting abandoned animals Brazil.  Create the "Bolsa Ração ", which would pay a small amount ( something like $ 10.00 or R $ 20.00) per animal for all the rescues with more than 30 animals Defend the Municipal Ordinance. The Municipality of Godoy Cruz (Mendoza) is one of the first Argentine and Latin American municipalities to prohibit the exhibition of animals in pet-shops and related businesses Conservation of Mexican parrots by eliminating absurd prohibitions on their reproduction under humane care.....don’t let them suffer at the hands of the illegal trade
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