Saturday, February 11, 2017

Petitions and More, February 11  din: none. If not signed yet. Spain. Ministers of Development and Environment, urgently fix the black spots on the roads, in order to stop the killing of precious lynxes!  Spain. Save Doñana Wetlands from serious threats such as the illegal use of water, the dredging of the Guadalquivir River, and gas and mining projects Stop the trucks, end long-distance transports of live animals! Needs as many signatures as possible! REACH Refit: Demand That Europe Lead the Way in Animal-Free Science. Use Ctrl  -  , if unable to see the ‘send’ button If not signed yet. Stop Information Blackout at USDA That's Protecting Animal Abusers US-info. Congress Threatens Public Input for BLM Lands Ukraine, President, ban hunting stations where hunting dogs are trained on helpless wildlife; this kind of cruelty has no regulation in Ukraine!  Chinese Embassy , Russia: Stop the torture and killing of dogs and the festival of dog meat in China Proposal has been made for a new hog confinement farm in Carroll County, Indiana Stop the extension of the chicken fattening plant in Gudensberg, Nordhessen, a chicken mast facility of 39,900 animals, to build another ​​one with 37,000 extra animals! An Animal Enemy at the EPA? Tell your Senators that Scott Pruitt doesn't belong at the EPA
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