Saturday, February 11, 2017

Petitions and More, February 11  din: none. If not signed yet. Spain. Ministers of Development and Environment, urgently fix the black spots on the roads, in order to stop the killing of precious lynxes!  Spain. Save Do├▒ana Wetlands from serious threats such as the illegal use of water, the dredging of the Guadalquivir River, and gas and mining projects Stop the trucks, end long-distance transports of live animals! Needs as many signatures as possible! REACH Refit: Demand That Europe Lead the Way in Animal-Free Science. Use Ctrl  -  , if unable to see the ‘send’ button If not signed yet. Stop Information Blackout at USDA That's Protecting Animal Abusers US-info. Congress Threatens Public Input for BLM Lands Ukraine, President, ban hunting stations where hunting dogs are trained on helpless wildlife; this kind of cruelty has no regulation in Ukraine!  Chinese Embassy , Russia: Stop the torture and killing of dogs and the festival of dog meat in China Proposal has been made for a new hog confinement farm in Carroll County, Indiana Stop the extension of the chicken fattening plant in Gudensberg, Nordhessen, a chicken mast facility of 39,900 animals, to build another ​​one with 37,000 extra animals! An Animal Enemy at the EPA? Tell your Senators that Scott Pruitt doesn't belong at the EPA
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