Thursday, February 23, 2017

Petitions and More, February 23 US Congress. Contact your US Senators, say No on H.J.Res 69! Please cut and paste the following letter and email to your US. Senators (linked at the end of this post)
-------------------------------------  ZIP=5 digits. America's wild Horses and Burros are protected by an Act of Congress as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West." But the federal government treats them like pests, hunting them down with helicopters and removing thousands each year from our public lands, wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in the process. Trump: fix this! US. Tell your rep how you feel about their 'Kill Baby Animals' vote! ZIP=5 digits. Oppose undermining the Endangered Species Act, reject HR 717, the Listing Reform Act, and other bills like it that would undermine the Endangered Species Act! US-info. Needs many more signatures. Please protect the Endangered Species Act Sent a protest against Coyote trapping Bristol University, release the numbers and types of animals 'used' in your laboratories! France. Urgent. Protest against night shooting of Foxes in the Ardennes from February 10th to February 26th, 2017; confirm please!  Once again. For a total ban on Ivory in Taiwan        Message: Gyeonggi Province, stop showing shameful indifference and brutality towards dogs and cats in the meat trade! (to include) ZIP=5 digits. Senators: Don't let Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt dismantle the EPA The Netherlands. End the preventive killing policy used because of the bird flu (elsewhere); please confirm Copy/paste, send. Please immediately restore public access to the ACIS system! Updated Action on Maryland Ray Killing Contest Ban Dump the Dairy pride act  Translated. Rep. of Belarus. For the leaders of our country cats and dogs are bio waste. Their rights are not worth zero! Our state allocates money only for the killing of these animals. Edoardo Stoppa, we need your help Russia. Omsk.  "Spetsavtohozyaystvo" is 'cleansing' the city from stray animals, but the number of animals increases. Start mass sterilization programs. CAX, MAR’s (Organisation for Animal Control) dog pound is a hell. Where is the budget spent on? Russia. Prohibit by law the mass killing of dogs in Makhachkala! Turkey. Eyüp District. Zeynep. Find the criminals who destroyed Farm heaven, poisoned 2 dogs and stole 8 cows! Indonesia. All-Indonesia Student Executive Body (BEM SI) , No to slaughtering chickens during your protests Italy. Again, the Emilia Romagna refused sponsorship to the vegan festival Parma Ethics , on the grounds that the initiatives are not consistent with the nutrition policies of the Region! But the City of Parma, and especially the European Commission, have shown great foresight by giving their patronage to the event France. Do not slaughter Fine the cow, symbol of the Salon de l'Agriculture 2017 I Will Stand and Fight For Animals! Against Congress' inhumane plans, hold them accountable!
            =========   News and more   ========== Positive update:  passed the Senate Conservation Committee by a bipartisan 6 to 3 vote!  The laws under the Animal Welfare Act and in many states cannot be enforced without access to this public, tax-payer paid-for, information; fight back UK Parliament will debate “End the badger cull instead of expanding to new areas” on 27 March 2017


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