Monday, February 13, 2017

Petitions and More, February 13 Spain. Justice for Galgo Brujo, the living torch, hung, then thrown into a bath of oil and burnt alive! Confirm please Once more. Help Shut Down Cruel Horse and Donkey Facilities  UK-info. Scottish Parliament, lead the way in the UK and introduce a complete ban on the sale, use, manufacture and possession of snares in Scotland Needs many more signatures! Canada. Address the significant social issue of animal cruelty by immediately conducting a review of the animal cruelty provisions in the Criminal Code. Confirm Send a protest. Tell officials at Saint Andrew School to end their affiliation with the cruel and deadly Iditarod  Tweetstorm to Protect Wild Horses 21 April – 4 May Board members of NAIF, do not loan public money to Carmichael or other coal projects Austria. Graz. Save the ‘Mur’ . Produce energy without destroying nature and the environment Russia. Bryansk. Protect animals against sadistic murderers, stop lawlessness, locate and punish these criminals! France, Arles, no more Bullfighting, no more  "festivities" involving the torture of cattle Spain. Require companies to indicate whether they test on animals or not Spain. City of Barcelona and Mercabarna, resume the sterilization prorams for cats and allow the cats to stay Spain. Protest against the plans to organize raids with dogs to hunt boars Mexico. For a permanent media campaign on pet sterilization, included in governmental actions on TV, already used by the federal, state or municipal government for promotion  Indonesia. Remove the shackles from the elephant at the wildlife park Kinantan Indonesia. Remove the shackles from the elephants at Gajah Taman Rimbo Zoo in Jambi Spain.  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. No more camels in the parade of Kings
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