Monday, February 20, 2017

Petitions and More, February 20 Serbia. Shift responsibility for the bloodshed in the dog pound of  Vrsac municipality, Vrsacki Azil! Don’t forget to verify your signature! Last name, first name, city, country, email Urgent Alert: We need your help to stop the Coyote Killing Contest in Georgia! Used because doesn't work US-info. Urge the Senate Judiciary Committee to Vote Yes on Senate Bill 268, banning coyote killing competitions! US-info. Urge the Senate Conservation Committee to Vote Yes on Senate Bill 286, to prohibit the use of deadly poisons and outdated leghold traps on New Mexico's public lands US-info. Yes to House Bill 254, it would adjust the Game Commission appointment process in order to create a more balanced and more knowledgable policy-making body US-info. Support HB 219, it will authorize the administrative move of the Animal Sheltering Board and its duties from the Regulation and Licensing Department to the New Mexico Board of Veterinary Medicine US, to call 202-224-3121, Capitol switchboard, and connect with your member of Congress. Say NO to Bill H.R. 622, which was first introduced last year, calling for removing law enforcement officers on National Forests and Bureau of Land Management properties! Turkey. Find and arrest those who poisoned 15 cats and dogs in the Bahçelievler Neighborhood of Milas! Protest. By buying a garment from the Canada Goose brand, you are participating in the disappearance of animals and their death in an atrocious and inadmissible way! Russia. Punish to the fullest extent of the law animal sadistic killers Habarovska- 5/10 years in prison, and publish their names France. d'Arras, Bray. Save these horses from certain death in a slow
agony Turkey. Protest against the killing of friendly dogs by Municipal Workers with Drug Pistols, in Ardahan Abolish the Yulin dogmeat ‘festival’ Spain. Requesting a court specialized in animal abuse cases Russia. Demanding a ban on ‘petting’ zoos in Russia Russia. Petting zoo’s = cynicism and ruthlessness Spain. Spain. Change Management of the 'zoo' the Unidad Central Térmica De Cubillos Del Sil, the Italian company E-On has condemned these animals , as no one takes care of their food , care or veterinary care if necessary Mexico. Close the Bullfighting ring, Plaza de Toros, in Reynosa Tamaulipas Russia. Stop the development of sand pits in the Klin district, save flora and fauna Spain. Name the park of the cats of Lloret de Mar after the caretaker who died, Jose Luis Pardo Hidalgo Keep the Ban on Hunting Hibernating Bear Families! Prime Minister Trudeau to trump TransCanada’s Energy East tar sands pipeline
           =========  News and more   ========= Belgrado, Serbia: (Men’s )Movement Levijatan - STOP violence against animals!


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