Monday, February 6, 2017

Petitions and More, February 6 Urgent! Please scroll down to sign (again). US-info. Support the FACT Act, HR 816: End secrecy about wasteful federal animal testing!
Molenbeek. Help us regain access to 7 sterilized cats in distress, in view of being adopted. The locks were changed, we have no access! Urgently needs more signatures! Ban the senseless Fox hunt - Never more "Fox weeks" in the district of Giessen, Germany! Confirm please US-info.  End the U.S. Department of Agriculture's secrecy about violations of the laws and regulations that protect animals Once more. US-info. Please oppose H.R. 424 and S. 164; if passed, the "War on Wolves Act" will nullify both of these federal court decisions and allow trophy hunting of wolves to resume under state management!;jsessionid=00000000.app337b US, make a call: stop Congress from unleashing a war on Wolves,497296 US. Action to call. APHIS announcement. Contact the USDA (844) 820-2234 and your congressional representative (202) 224-3121 to demand they restore public access to these vital documents  For a national park in the southeastern one-third of the BC Flathead, to fill in the missing piece of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park;jsessionid=00000000.app220a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3153 If not signed yet. ZIP=5 digits. Remove the Snake River dams - restore Southern Resident orca and wild salmon Ace and True Value:  Commit to protecting bees
( please scroll down for the complete list) Russia. For a  Legislative ban on mass poisoning and murdering of dogs in Volgograd! Recognize animals as sentient beings and not as objects in the law of Ecuador Turkey. Güzelyurt Municipality. Create rehabilitation, sterilization and treatment centers for our stray dogs, in cooperation with volunteers and vets, instead of a dogpound! Turkey. Protesting the treatment, disappearance and killing by injection of the dogs living at the Yeditepe University France. No to the extermination of Wolves, authorized by the government and Min. Royal, together with the hunters lobby Belgium. Urgent. Save these 2 dogs at Marche en Famenne from neglect Spain. Stop the planned killing of 21 dogs in the dogpound of Badajoz Spain. Torrasa, Alcaldesa 'hospitalet' park: install security camera's, dogs are being poisoned in this park Italy. Respect and protect animals. Recognition of their rights, raising penalties against those who mistreat and kill animals, control phenomenon of stray dogs by the Local Authorities and Local Health, management controls of structures (dogpounds, kennels, shelters) Protest against the killing of pregnant muntjaks in the Leipzig zoo, Germany, refusing to have them relocatedäische-parlament-keine-hilfe-von-der-rettungshundebrigade-in-ländern-wo-hunde-getötet-werden Refuse help from rescue dogbrigade’s in countries where dogs are being massacred Spain. Protect the coast of the Pinecones of Elche, La Marina and the Sierra del Molar, connecting with the wetlands system of Santa Pola-Carrizales-Hondo, Elche-Crevillente, against the economic plans of Pativel Spain. Take urgent measures to stop the deterioration of el Castanar del Tiemblo forest USDA: Stop Hiding Animal Welfare Records And Covering For Abusers Needs more signatures! Urge The White House To Implement The Ban On Cruel Horse Soring
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