Saturday, February 18, 2017

Petitions and More, February 18  Urge South Korean and Japanese officials to eliminate the cruel one-year dog pesticide test! US. Call Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Tell Her You Oppose Wolf Hunting (503) 378-4582 ! Petition against fox hunting in Austria! Needs as many signatures as possible! Confirm signature afterwards please Tell Mississippi Officials Not To Include Dolphins in Planned Aquarium Officials in Arcadia, California, Vote to Kill Coyotes—Speak Out Now! France. Slaughterhouses: allow associations access to control videos! Copy/paste, letter can be adapted Stop the Trucks, request a regulatory review to obtain a transport limit of 8 hours maximum for Livestock ZIP=5 digits. Restore Grizzly Bears to the North Cascades with Alternative C  ZIP=5 digits. Vote NO on S.J. Res 15 - Preserve Public Participation in the Planning Process for Public Lands Stand up for Skeena Salmon, say no to Aurora LNG plant! For a ban on glyphosate, and to protect people and the environment from toxic pesticides Thank Senator Udall and Senator Heinrich for leading Wilderness protection in New Mexico.  Legislation to protect Wilderness in Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks and Rio Grande del Norte national monuments is supported by New Mexicans  ZIP=5 digits. Hold Senators Manchin and Heitkamp accountable for confirming Scott Pruitt Demanding to end the killing of homeless dogs and cats in Iran! Serbia. Protest! Dogs driven to cannibalism in the dog pound Vrsacki Azil, between October 2016 and February 2017, about 200 dogs died there as a result of cannibalism and ill-treatment! Morocco, immediately ban illegal wild animal slaughter, including donkeys and horses!  Stop the horse market in Skaryszew Poland, the hell for Polish horses! Russia. Requesting a legislative ban on the killing of stray animals in the Rep.Belarus. Russian text, needs as many signatures as possible! Turkey. About 15 cats and dogs are poisoned and killed in the Bahçelievler Neighborhood of Milas. Find those responsible! Italy. Justice for this little dog from Pastena Salerno, brutally kicked to death by an inhuman! France. Cancel the swine massacre on Febr. 25 in the Pays de Sierck and the Bouzonvillois, Moselle ! France. Against the plans of Viala industrial pig farming in the commune of Fel 12140, to triple the use of pigs from 718 to 2004 ! Mexico. Initiative to reverse the VAT taxes of 16% on pet food. Care for the economy of the families and avoid the suffering of our animals! Tell Congress: Don't Mess With Wolf Recovery Stop the expansion of an uranium mine that threatens an unique ecosystem in Salamanca, Spain Protect Minnesota's Boundary Waters From Copper Mining Dakota Access Pipeline: Stand up for the rights of Indigenous Peoples
           =======   News and more    =========  South Africa is attempting to provide yet another means of enriching rhino horn traffickers and thwarting law enforcement efforts across the globe


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