Friday, February 10, 2017

Petitions and More, February 10 ZIP=5 digits. USDA, Kevin Shea, Restore Public Access to Animal Welfare Data! ZIP=5 digits. Urge Your U.S. Representative to Oppose Two Harmful Polar Bear Bills, H.R. 224 and H.R. 225! Once more. US-info.  Cosponsor the common-sense, bipartisan Federal Accountability in Chemical Testing (FACT) Act (HR 816). This bill will increase transparency about secretive, expensive and ineffective animal tests for cosmetics, foods and other substances conducted by government agencies  Mitsubishi, renounce the concessions requested in the Magallanes Region, all salmon companies should give up expanding their salmon farming business in the Magallanes Sir Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, I object to the disturbing experiments that CRUK has supported; stop funding animal experiments US-info. Protect Anchovies and More Than 50 Marine Species ZIP=5 digits.  Say No to Climate Denier and Yes to Science Argentina. No to the bill proposing capture and exploitation of homeless animals in Mendoza; apply laws against breeding, and use de-sexing programs Spain. Galicia. Save the life of this mare and pony; two dogs were found dead and a female horse and a pony, which still remain at this farm in the district Lucense of Castlein place, are in a state of severe malnutrition Russia. Nizhnevartovsk. The city needs a caring shelter for homeless animals (not a dogpound) Spain. Demanding an immediate solution for the Valdemoro Animal Protection Center and the deplorable conditions in which the animals are kept Italy.  Introduce a law which pardons cows and calves escaping fairs and slaughterhouses, to be entrusted to animal welfare The Animal Code requires the total banning of the ankus, bullhook for elephants, in France Spain. Remove from the Corps the Civil Guard that attacked anti-taurino Óscar del Castillo with violence in the Bullring of Valdemorilloó-e-insultó-gravemente-a-un-ciudadano-activista Spain. Expel from the body the GC (civil guard) that threatened and seriously insulted a citizen, a peaceful anti-bullfighting activist Turkey. Kocaeli. Stop the activities of the company called Poliport, poisoning nature and wildlife How can the UK be an animal loving nation when there are dead horses being dumped in Derbyshire is happening 'all over the countryside? Iowa: Protect People and Their Pets from Domestic Violence- Pass Legislation to Include Animals in Restraining Orders Stop Congress From Gutting Fish Protections
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