Monday, June 23, 2014

Xi Jinping, leader of China, about the traumatizing events of Yulin

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His Excellency Xi Jinping,

We’ve been duped !

With these words, one of very numerous articles starts, telling the SHAMEFUL facts taking place in Yulin, on the occasion of the Festival of dog meat, but in general all over China.

"The infamous Yulin dog-eating festival wasn’t cancelled, it was just moved up.
Traditionally held on the summer solstice in Yulin, the date was quietly changed to dodge media coverage and outrage by Chinese and international critics, reports The Guardian."

For us, Westerners, who see the incredible cruelties committed on animals in your country, they represent a real insult to our humanity !

Today, media of all kinds, Internet, social networks and international traveling, facilitated by airports, globalization in general…  promote the approximation of countries and knowledge of the cultures of each.

In sum, the world has become, in a few decades, a gigantic community where everyone can share words, ideas, feelings ... Nobody escapes the considerable impact of this progress which brings the nations closer.

For this reason the traumatizing events of Yulin touch us particularly; and we as spectators say, Mr. President, that the show we see is ugly, that this show is even terrifying !

We thus write to you as to express our anger and our disgust for certain Chinese customs which damage the values of your country considerably.

We are not politicians held by the simple rules of politics, its profits, its ambitions, its challenges ...

Thus, we may convey to the President of China, but also to the man, mere mortal that he is, like us, that the Festival of Dog Meat is not the festival of summer and of life, but that of Torture and Death !

China violates the human rights of those who protect and respect the weakest !

We are all sensitive beings who wish to live ! Humans do not have all the rights !

China does not progress ! China is not worthy to take its place among the civilized countries ! China raises hatred in people's hearts ! We want a humane planet !

While committing utmost cruelty towards animals, mankind is dissociating itself from being a true human being.

And brutal violence exercised towards animals is directly connected with the use of violence towards other human beings.

We must also take into account the respect for all living creatures, this is the principle of moral order which human kind must learn as a child.

The best friend of man is a martyr in China !

We respectfully ask you, as a human being, and as the President and responsible person in China, a huge country, certainly, but dehumanized, to set up Laws for the Protection of Pets, Dogs and Cats, binding Laws for Animal Welfare and to give support to the brave activists who, through their courageous actions, try to rehabilitate the tarnished image of China, a China notorious for her unspeakable inhumane behaviour !

Indeed, the images we see reflect a dirty China, cruel, sadistic, and drunk with blood !

However, many Chinese, your own citizens, have submitted online civil complaints, urging your contry to establish these laws. Why do you ignore those complaints ?

Why is this squalid hellhole still being allowed to operate, inflicting agonizing and brutal deaths to innocent animals every day ?

Is this your vision of a country reaching out to the future ? The world cannot and will not support this symbol.

Are you prepared to take this risk, continuing a trade that is not only torturously cruel and barbaric but a public health hazard to locals and international citizens also ?

Your failure to act is both a heinous crime against the animals and an injury to Chinese who no longer wish to bear the shame and guilt of the cruelty of the dog and cat meat consumption trade.

In the People's Republic of China, where representatives are elected through a democratic process, isn’t it your responsibility as a citizen to end this evil and barbaric practice ? If there are no enforceable laws in place, it is your responsibility to demand that laws against the consumption of dog and cat meat be enacted and enforced as soon as possible !

Should the opposite occur, we promise not to visit China.

Torture and barbarism have no excuse, they are never justified !

Let everything be made according to your consciousness.

“To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.” Confucius

We thank you for reading this letter.

Respectful greetings:

"Yulin restaurants were ordered to remove the character for “dog” from signs and menus and to refrain from slaughtering dogs or display cooked dog meat in public places. Furthermore, an order that health care workers aren’t allowed to consume dog meat in public has been revealed to encapsulate all local public servants."
Video: dog in Heshan, Guangdong snatched in mere seconds !