Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Petitions and More, June 4

Mayor Cabrières (34800): Stop the killing of cats in your community!
SNR Eruviel Avila, State of Mexico Governor eruviel.avila @ : A Balto killed Stop the killing and torture of animals!  Alexander Archipelago wolves can't coexist indefinitely with clearcut logging: The wolf population is directly connected to the health of black-tailed deer!take-action-email-3/c1sx7   Take action to save the desert Elephants!  Keep Oil Exploration Out of Virunga!  More attention!  There is a strong connection between treating workers decently and respecting animal welfare, and very often those who are callous or cruel to animals do not limit their cruelty to animals      Withdraw Kalmiopsis Wildlands from the 1872 Mining Law, US   Ask Best Foods & Hellmann's to find a better way!
Cancel euthanizing 50 dogs belonging to an association for the protection of animals, and solve the conflict in the construction of the shelter!   Save the Wolves of the Tongass National Forest!  Help Save the Irrawaddy Dolphin!    Protect Wildlife from an Agent Orange Herbicide!
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