Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Petitions and More, June 11  Wolf OR-7 is a father, help protect his pups! Keep Wolves listed on the Endangered Species Act! US-Zip, 5 digits   Livestock grazing in already drought-stricken wild horse and burro Herd Management Areas (HMAs) is placing these federally-protected animals and other wildlife species in danger of grave suffering and death from starvation and dehydration over the dry summer months!  Zip: 5 digits  STOP the brutal mass massacre at the 'Gadhimai festival’ in Bara village in Nepal, south of Kathmandu!  Against the Yulin Dog-Meat ‘festival’, again please!  Send emails to the Chinese Embassies, scroll down please!  Change captcha!  Horrific animal abuse at a major DiGiorno cheese supplier in Wisconsin, protest please!   Sign the petition calling on Saputo to stop supporting abuse!   Tell the Retail Council of Canada to Ban Veal Crates!  Contact Governor Quinn and ask him to sign SB 3049 and give mountain lions the help they need to reestablish themselves!  President Dilma and candidate/ pre-candidate to the presidency: END deforestation of the Amazon! No more illegal timber! Sign at the top, at your right please  Save the Great Barrier Reef! Needs many more signatures before June 14th! Tell Lumber Liquidators: the clearing of critical forests in the Russian Far East, the last habitat of the endangered Siberian tiger, is an unacceptable price to pay for cheap hardwood flooring!  President, thank you for protecting Chile's wild Patagonia by canceling the permits for the mega-dam project HidroAys√©n!  Zip: 5 digits Oppose the new 2,4-D-resistant GE crops!  BC Dairy Farm under investigation for animal abuse. Canada's archaic laws must change NOW!
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