Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Petitions and More, June 18   Petitions at the end of the Article, please check if signed, thank you  NZ on the brink of banning cosmetics testing on animals, take action for law change now!  Postal code=4 digits   Humane policies must be enacted and followed in North Ridgeville, for the safety of not only animals, but also your town's residents and children!  Senate Environmental Quality Committee, toxic rat poisons have no place in our state and national parks and state and federal wildlife refuges! US info   Urgent Help Needed to Keep Horse Slaughter Plants Shuttered! US info only  If not signed yet: Tell Congress to reinstate Wyoming's wolves protection under the Endangered Species Act!  As well: Pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act to ban the barbaric butchering of American horses!  Stop the trade in Animals on the Bon Coin! Confirm please (evtl. spam)   Tell Denis Napthine to protect breeding dogs from a lifetime of misery!  Vancouver, Keep Whales and Dolphins Out of your Aquariums!  Reject the Northern Gateway Tar Sands pipeline!  US, Oregon info only: Stop Redwood Burl Poaching On Our Public Lands!  Tell the mayor of Favignana Island to resolve this horrific situation for cats
                                                   ==============   News, video’s, polls  ===========   Texas, UHD Hosts First Joint US/China Animal Law Forum  5 Ways Feral Cats Do More Good Than Harm for Wildlife. Sept. 2013  Peter Wolf, National Expert on Community Cats, Joins Best Friends' Community Programs

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