Thursday, June 12, 2014

FDA is calling for animal safety tests on the active ingredients in antiseptic washes! Protest please!

Forwarded letter, thanks Nina
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Subject: FDA, antiseptic washes Animal testing

Dear Sir, Madam: 

We are shocked to learn that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling for animal safety tests on the active ingredients in antiseptic washes, even though there isn’t enough evidence to show that these products kill germs better than plain soap and water.

Animal tests won’t prove that these ingredients are safe for humans because of documented differences between species and because animals are given unrealistically high doses.

The FDA should require manufacturers to prove that their products are effective or else remove these unnecessary ingredients from them. Minnesota became the first state to ban triclosan in consumer products because it determined that the benefits from the ingredient’s use don’t outweigh the risks. The FDA must consider similar bans nationwide—not cruel and irrelevant animal tests.
Today the vivisection can be replaced by more reliable means. This scientist explains it very well.

Moreover, there is not need to prove that animal testing is not effective because more there is of experimental searches and more people are sick, especially because of their unhealthy lifestyle !

Except the fact that your searches are totally immoral, your science without consciousness, which sacrifices and tortures millions of animals, is an insult to our humanity !

The indescribable sufferings you cause to these sensitive creatures, who are like us, are outrageous !

Human beings are incapable to live without the animals, and nevertheless they boast to be superior to them !

Who said that human beings can use and abuse the life of innocent beings only for their comfort ? Consequently, when begins the right of men and when has it to stop ? ...

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