Friday, June 6, 2014

Petitions and More, June 6  Tell Greenville County, SC that killing kittens is wrong!   UK Government, take decisive action for animals and Clean Up Cruelty! Ban the use of animals to test household cleaning products!   Dogs and cats don’t belong in Labs!  UK only. London PC: E17 5AR , E9 7EF , E8 2HP , E8 2JQ,  SE5 9QB  The horrific Gadhimai Festival takes place every five years in the Bara District of Nepal, south of Kathmandu, sign again in protest!  Against the Faroe Slaughter, sign again please!  The British Equatorial Palm Oil PLC (EPO) is about to acquire their land for Palm-Oil, protest!  Protect the Great Barrier Reef From Fossil Fuel Exports!  Germany: Prohibition of "snap traps" for the killing of animals in the fields, forests and meadows!  Thank California Fish and Game Commission for Protecting Wolf OR-7's Family  Tell Australia: Coal and Coral Don't Mix
                                                                  =========    News, polls, video’s   ==========   Pujarli #4, Rohru, Himachal Pradesh, India:  help needed!   No to Animal Experiments, Campaigns
Scroll down please: there is definitely hope to have the Yulin Dog-meat festival cancelled!


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