Thursday, June 5, 2014

Petitions and More, June 5  Scroll down for English text. The German press has revealed a study commissioned by the European Union: it would in future prevent the movement in Europe of activists and animal rights activists!;jsessionid=3F67083E2A174A2D0564D90D9A33D477.app271a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=171   Johns Hopkins University: Killing Pigs Doesn’t Teach Medical Students the "Sanctity of Life"!  Non-US: state=none  Rakuten, no online Ivory-shopping!   Stop catching and exporting the long-tailed macaques! Message sent to the Embassies of Indonesia, Cambodia, Mauritius, Laos and Vietnam in Germany. First, last name, email  Michigan only. Hunting and trapping lobby groups and their allies in the legislature have cooked up yet another plan to remove voters' power to ever have a say on opening new hunting and trapping seasons on protected species in Michigan, including wolves. Call or email, please  Government of Nepal, stop funding Gadhimai and all inhumane slaughter festivals! End these barbaric ‘traditions’!  Animal Planet has just announced that a new season will launch on Sunday, June 8. Speak up for wild animals now by urging Animal Planet to cancel Call of the Wildman!
Put the Brakes on Dangerous Poultry Processing Speed Rule! US  Butterball, Stop the torture of Turkeys!  Protest against the use of battery-eggs;  first, last name, email, ‘versturen’   Groupon, Stop Promoting Cruel Animal Shows!  Update, to take action: "The Summer Circus Spectacular":  leave the animals out of the circus show!  Stop the Trade of Endangered Whales!   Stop Reckless Industrial Fishing!
                                                           ==========    News, polls, video’s   ===========  Ongoing vote, NO to Dog meat!  Polling interval= 1 day  Use Google translate please:  Organized dog (meat) festival, do you agree?
Strongly opposed, second one! Register first, if possible...  Should the Australian Government protect the Great Barrier Reef and ban dumping in its World Heritage waters?  Vote YES please   SeaWorld to Its Critics: ‘OK, Let’s Talk’  Use Google translate please:  Final outcome of the European elections - Two animal rights activists (inside) will be represented in the new EU Parliament   Saving Grace: Locals adopt dog destined for torture, death

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