Monday, June 9, 2014

Petitions and More, June 9!take-action-email-3/c1sx7  More action needed for the Desert Elephants! Open letter to Mr Bezuidenhout, Namibia!
Danish Parliament: Prohibit and punish the rape of animals in Denmark!   Needs more signatures!  Stop the well-funded genocide of Dogs and Cats! Allocate these funds and allow sterilization programs on the whole of Guadeloupe, implement public awareness and adoption campaigns!
China, applie the law of 1993 for the closure of the tiger farm. (Stop Farm Tiger Farms!) Many more signatures needed!    More signatures needed  Needs as much attention as possible! UK Government, end the use of dogs and cats in ‘scientific’ research, stop cruel and unnecessary experiments in laboratories!  Ban Wildlife Snares in England and Wales! Submit, twice
Actions for Cats! More attention please: Protest against the addition of an amendment that criminalizes documenting animal cruelty on factory farms in Kentucky!  There is a better way  Let’s protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence from oil and gas development!   As well! Demand for a ban on the cruel fetish videos in which small animals are brutally tortured and murdered!   Suspend Enforcement Officers (MPJBT) killing Dogs with an iron rod!   Secure the Endangered Snow Leopard's Habitat Now!  Resistance to cancel import taxes on calves Maustrliih, the suffering of calves is ignored!
                                                        ========  News, video’s, polls  ========== Search by keyword, please choose  Soi Dog UK as your favourite!  They can win 10,000,- pound!   Please vote for  Animal Care Rescue in Lancaster  Hundreds of concerned Zimbabwe citizens hand over 8000 signatures to Minister Mombeshora’s office to save the Presidential Elephant Herd  Cat Wife fighting with her Cat hubby LOL Amazing 2014


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