Friday, June 13, 2014

Petitions and More, June 13

Many more signatures needed!  2 Actions to sign (again)!  YuLin's Festival of Terror and: Elephant Abusers Deserve Jail Time!!documentDetail;D=FDA-1975-N-0012-0317   Go to: Comment now, at your right/top! Animal tests won’t prove that these ingredients are safe for humans because of documented differences between species and because animals are given unrealistically high doses! Deadline June 16! Also non-US!   Urgent: Measures relating to animal protection rules in Romania from 17/02/2014  It’s easy to participate, just use translate please!  May the German Bundestag consider to abolish the mass and intensive livestock farming by 2020  VOTE NO on the Mullin Amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill that would strip or weaken language to continue the ban on funding for horse slaughter plant inspections! US  Please act now to tell Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to rein in this out-of-control, wildlife-killing agency!  For the right to protest against bullfights! Confirm please at cliquer ici, in the mail   End the hate campaign against the Wolf and enforce effective protection!  Needs more signatures  International mobilization against the zoo Mont Faron!  Needs more signatures   Punish the torturers of cat Baz! Needs more signatures  2 Actions: Humane Cosmetics Act; Tony the Tiger/ possessing big exotic cats   Urge Your Senators To Protect the Nursery of the Arctic Refuge from Oil Drilling! US   Members of Congress: Support the Saving America's Pollinators Act! US   Denmark: Charlie should have the right treatment now so that he can regain the form that the police received him in
                                                               ================News, video’s, polls   =============  Scroll down for the Vote, needs more attention!  Call for Information from You about USDA Wildlife Services (USDA WS)                                                                         

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