Thursday, June 26, 2014

Petitions and More, June 26  Protest against the mass dog consumption in Yulin! This will be sent to over 200 Chinese Embassies Worldwide.  Link and content: safe to use  Suspend the Wolf hunt!
Needs more signatures. Federal Law for free castrations in all Brazilian municipalities. A BAN on the lethal methods of killing dogs and cats by municipalities as a means of population control!   Stop Vivisection! Still active!
for non-US: state=none. Urge the FDA to encourage and mandate the use of non-animal testing methods!
March 2014)  Use translate  Sign below please   Hunting (and Trapping) Reform Now! Resolution calling for an ecological hunting law in NRW, Germany! Confirm in the (spam) mail please  Please increase slaughter inspections!  Scroll down to sign!   Stop the slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands! Extra petition. Zip=5 digits, confirm afterwards (spam)   Next target 150,000 emails!   Support AB 2657 to Stop Rodenticide Use in State and National Parks and Wildlife Refuges!  Non-US: State=none, ZIP=5 digits   Urge President Obama to close exemptions and loopholes exploited by criminals and ban the sale of ALL ivory! Name+email 
Below: I could ‘sign’ many petitions fact, all others as well!
                                                    ==========   News, video’s, polls   ============   Komedian Kaya Yanar supports the Stray Dogs Project  of "Four Paws" in Romania   Video’s, articles  American Mustang, Stop the

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