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EU: Appeal for an Animal Welfare Ministry, and Adaptation of the Treaties

Subject: Appeal for an Animal Welfare Ministry, and Adaptation of the Treaties

Dear Sir, Madam:

Despite thousands of letters, petitions and other evidence, which citizens lavished concerning the unbelievable atrocities that take place in the Union, the politicians in Brussels are still considering companion animal welfare legislation at EU level while many animals live in most terrible conditions day in day out.
Animal welfare in the EU has no own Ministry or department in the EU, but is divided in the ' Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development' and the 'Ministry of Health and Consumers.' and thus demonstrates the lack of real concern for the welfare of animals in the EU.

It's sad and shocking to notice that the welfare of companion animals does not exist in the EU today - dogs and cats are excluded from the Treaties.
The legislation is in each Member State and welfare laws for companion animals differ greatly between the EU states and many of the countries are failing to follow its own laws or have laws that allow them to kill, abuse, misuse, these laws cover tax embezzlement (that is in contradiction with the constitutional rights of the tax payer!) etc.

Acording to article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, that requires paying full regard to the welfare requirements of animals when formulating and implementing some EU policies, it does not give a legal base nor require addressing all animal welfare issues including companion animal welfare and stray dog management. We understand that the welfare of stray animals is not governed by EU rules and remains under the sole responsibility of the Member States.

1 - That the EU begins to create an ACTION PLAN to implement a strict programm of measures for ALL Member States and candidate countries to follow for a humane, sustainable and long term solution to phase out the cruel conditions and the state of helplessness, where the companion animals are forced to live in today.
From the time the action plan is presented, the Member States must follow this action program, its principles and have to complete this within two years. It must, according to the EU Act, be prohibited for any Member States, to establish the occurrence of stray animals in the community - "the management of stray dogs and cats" (TNR: trap/neuter/release).

2 - That the EU urgently creates common and clear ethical GUIDELINES, directives and fundamental laws for the citizens in all Member States including:- EDUCATION on animal welfare,
- mandatory SPAY/NEUTER/VACCINATION programms,
- mandatory IDENTIFICATION & REGISTRATION of companion animals (it is a basic tool to protect public health and consumer rights but also to control the abandonment of animals).

This will lead to more responsible owners and finalizing the permanent state of stray dogs and cats. There is no excuse that this can not be implemented in all Member States, as several Member States do not have stray dogs and no rabiës anymore - Member States that have stray animals can learn and conduct study visits in Member States which have good animal husbandry, and who do not have stray dogs.

Education, information and legislation about animal welfare varies greatly between Member States.
In Western Europe there is generally a strong animal welfare culture and animal protection laws are largely respected by the citizens.
Eastern and southern Europe still have a culture of stray animals "the management of stray dogs", thus the abundance of these animals is also often treated as vermin and a nuisance to the community.

We require a complete REFORMING for the welfare of animals in the EU & we ask you to take action now!

Reforming for the welfare of animals will not only benefit the animals and create responsibility amongst owners of pets, but will also benefit the health of the citizen
Since the new law, that allows to kill all strays in Romania (sept 2013), we are getting more reports of Romanian citizen who's physical and mental health recedes
This shows how mismanagement of any stray animal management programm impacts the health of individuals, and therefore society. The issue therefore is not restricted, and can be re-dimensionalized into the socio-economic and socio-political domains:

- In many states like Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece etc all democratic procedures are put aside to promote limitless animal cruelty that traumatizes many citizen beyond repair or healing, and therefore brings this barbaric conduct into a whole, different area of rights; the human rights as described in the Declaration of Human Rights ( acountry should protect the mental and physical integrity of their citizen):
Citizens who live in countries with many stray animals, report on mental illness and sleep disorders, because of the atrocities they daily witness and the lack of response from the authorities and society to curb these atrocities:

- Atrocities towards abandoned and unwanted animals is a daily occurrence and it involves thousands of situations and many times this is also witnessed by children and affects children both detrimental and traumatically - here is also a concern for children who are routinely exposed to animal cruelty and are forced to accept the inherent violence as normal often leading to PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. The routine exposure of the children to unfettered animal abuse and neglect is a major contributing factor in their later manifestation of social deviance and inherit the wrong idea about how animals shall be treated and that animals have needs and feelings. Children usually take after their parents both good and bad habits.

- It's also been proven there is a thin line between animal abuse and abuse towards people: Children being exposed to barbaric actions are often harmed in their development into autonomous and compassionate adults and thereby shape a whole, new generation of people who are desensitized and depersonalized to such an extent that many of them will be willing recruits to further violence and crimes. This scenario is chilling and is supported by extensive, international psycho-social and criminal reports and staIt's about time other EU-countries start giving them punishments for all these cruel actions & corruption.

- Also do not underestimate the role of pets in improving the health of the citizens. Pets can play a key role in reinforcing the people resistance to diseases and to improve the physical and mentally activity of owners, and this is scientifically documented, so we can finally say that pets are also good for public health.

Animal protection laws is often low priority in eastern and southern Europe and are rarely followed. Citizens who witness animal cruelty and reporting on this to the police or authorities, but is seldom heeded, which leads to apathy among the population. People feel a hopelessness and frustration, not to be heard. The EU creates apathy while it needs people to unite and to build a strong continent.

In the framework of the EU-elections that have taken place, we ask you to take action and TO GIVE THE ANIMALS THEIR OWN MINISTRY: THE ANIMAL WELFARE MINISTRY and we want a decent ADAPTATION OF THE TREATIES TO GIVE ANIMALS AND PEOPLE THE RIGHTS THEY DESERVE!

Hoping for a positive reaction,

With kind regards, 

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