Saturday, December 9, 2017

Petitions and More, December 9 US-info. Urgent. It's Time to End Horse Slaughter, For Good! The number of House co-sponsors for the SAFE Act (HR 113) has reached 202! We need 218 to have a majority in support of banning horse slaughter in the U.S. and the transportation of American horses to foreign slaughterhouses! Scroll down. Make Sure Your Voice Are Heard by The Politicians Who are Supposed To Represent you! PLS Retweet Asking Them To Cosponsor HRes401 To End The Global Dog&Cat Meat Trade!;jsessionid=00000000.app268b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1002 ZIP=5 digits. University of Missouri, Stop Using Pigs for Emergency Medicine Training!  If not signed yet. Sign against all the senseless suffering of animals for animal testing in the EU! I ask that the Arctic be protected, because in the last 30 years ¾ of its ice has melted More signatures please. Save the saddest bears of Ukraine! Dogs and bears are still being used for hunting and entertainment! 1) Violent Video Leads to Arrest of Texarkana Dog Abuser! 2) Mayors of Florida: Free Lolita from Miami Seaquarium  US-info. Vote for a clean budget bill and vote NO on all poison-pill riders added to the year-end spending package as it heads to the floor Australia. WA Fracking Inquiry Brazil. Sign against Bill 6,268 / 2016 , which, among other things, legalizes the hunting of wild animals in Brazil - a practice that has been banned since 1967 throughout the national territory! In addition to decriminalizing the trafficking of wild animals, the proposal, if approved, will allow the creation of private reserves for the 'sport hunting' of species of the national fauna , such as Onça-Pintada, Caititu, Paca and Lobo-Guará! Turkey. Increased animal abuse and neglect; these crimes should be punished under the Penal Code! Turkey. We need Animal protection police units! Turkey. Stop the animal cruelty in the dogpound of Bilecik! Chile. Remove Art. 8, 9 and 32 of the Cholito Law, which will cause removal of animals from their family, limits the number of pets, rescued animals depending on the size of property, and will fine those who feed abandoned dogs and cats! Spain. Requesting to FENCE the deadly trap for wildlife, animals and people, the Tajo- Segura transfer, one of the largest hydraulic engineering works, with slippery walls! Spain. Barcelona. Stop capturing to kill the pigeons! Brazil. Benevides. Stop the use of loud Fireworks Let's defend the Bardas Norte Park in Neuquén and it's fauna and flora Russia. Make the area a national park (fauna) and protect the interests of small nationalities in Primorsky Krai....... Help women to guard their trees and fight deforestation in Burkina Faso Maryland Department of the Environment: Exelon must be held accountable for its share of Conowingo Dam pollution
                 ========   News and more    ======== HSI:  170 dogs are now free from the dog meat trade!

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