Thursday, December 14, 2017

Petitions and More, December 14   Stop the catching and destruction of gentle, spayed and neutered dogs in Topoloveni, Arges, Romania!  Send an email  ZIP=5 digits. Urge Wyoming's Governor to Stop the Wolf Hunt!  ZIP=5 digits. Stop Oregon's Backdoor Wolf Hunt, hiding the fact that the weak and outdated Plan now authorizes wolf hunting and trapping! Strengthen the wolf plan!  Needs 110,000 sign. Stop the mass farming of animals in Germany! Confirm please Support a fur farm ban in Poland! Impact of livestock on global warming: for an immediate and total ban on intensive and industrial livestock farming and a drastic reduction of traditional animal husbandry! To confirm Needs more signatures! Stop the brutal calf transport! Austrian calves are shipped across Europe just because they have no value in this country! Confirm please Belgium. For a ban on forced feeding of geese and ducks for foie-gras Uri Ariel, Israel, stop the live shipments of cattle, calves and lambs! Universiti Industri Selangor, Malaysia: Stop animal testing!  Calling on Adelaide Venue Management Corporation  to commit to never host an inhumane rodeo event like bull riding again!  US-info. Congress vote NO on opening Grand Staircase-Escalante to the coal industry! US-info. Don’t Put a Monsanto Hire in Charge of Chemical Safety!  Brazil. We want monthly or quarterly castrations of animals in the communities of Rio de Janeiro! Russia. 'I will always love you, partner!’ Police horses are sent to the slaughterhouse ?? Russia. The vet bills for treatment of poisoned or attacked dogs should be paid by the state or the perpetrator Russia. Administration of the city of Dzerzhinsky, how do you sleep? Killing puppies and dogs, resign! Calls for Action! Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog and cat meat trade! Italy. Requesting mandatory sterilization of proprietary dogs in Sicily  Russia. Save the bottlenose dolphin listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation, a victim of scientific research, which is on the verge of death in Gelendzhik! Remove the transmitter without causing additional injuries and without removing it from the sea! France. Citizens trees ! Help foresters defend public forests with an alternative plan for management!   Stop the catching and destruction of gentle, spayed and neutered dogs in Topoloveni, Arges, Romania!  Send an email with this Romanian text to,,  ! See above, first link Senate, oppose Michael Dourson's nomination to lead the EPA toxics office
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