Monday, December 4, 2017

Petitions and More, December 4 Please Cosponsor, review and Markup HR1406 Out of AG Committee! Stand up against cruelty, Global Fight - USA - One country at a time to Outlaw companion animals slaughtered for food! Leave dog cats out of human food chain!  Scroll down for Retweets, HR 1406! Pls Help Rt Global #HRes401 #Target ---> Non-cosponsors Highest Hslf Republicans - to Ensure it’s Passage! Once again. US-info. Oppose Sec. 120 (the War on Wolves Rider) included in fiscal 2018 spending bill for U.S. EPA/Interior Department ! Prevent a Devastating Increase in Animal Testing, Reject the REACH Annex updates that require the use of animals to test different nanoforms!  Charge the workers at Cooperativa Cacique Mulato LTDA and Estancia Laguna Verde, plunging knives into the necks of fully conscious sheep, under Chile's animal protection law! Stop horrific animal exports immediately! To confirm France. Protest against the Scandalous pigeon shooting at Formerie (60220)! To confirm  ‘Hands-off! No ban on Australian charities’ !  4 digits  Stop Trump from destroying our wild places! Colombia. Guadalajara de Buga. Stop the cruel Horseback riding event in Buga, Valle del Cauca! Russia. Territory of the city of Dzerzhinsky, Moscow Region: for a thorough check of the activity and legality of the Organizational and Legal Form of 'Hotel Zoo', M.O. Dzerzhinsky Str. Lesnaya, 38, and the determination of the fate of different animals, deer, wolves, foxes, owls, Husky's, other dogs, chickens, cats, horses, ponies, wild boars, sheep, and other agricultural, wild and domesticated animals and birds, kept under very improper and cruel conditions! France. Justice for the Argentine mastiff in Hayange, starved to death! Russia. Moscow. Our dog was cold-bloodedly killed with a knife near the playground, Elninskaya street! Justice, apply the law and punish the perpetrator! Mexico. Justice for Negrito, Col. Lomas, killed by 3 children with pyrotechnics!   Russia. Bashkortostan. Justice for the brutal murder of this dog at Sterlitamak, RB, along Khudayberdin St. 180-36, punish the murderers to the full extent of the law ! Russia. Close the killing dogpound Yakutsk where animals suffer and are killed after 10 days if still alive! We need a true rescue shelter with vet care Spain. Nullify this sentencing for members of the Marley Wolf Association, in defense of the Wolf, accused of destroying hunting posts (of those that want to exterminate the Wolf), given a prison sentence of two and a half years, having to pay 17,000 euros to the owner of said posts! The defendants deny the facts and we demand total acquittal of charges! 16Nov: China will appeal to Ecuador for transport of dead sharks inside the Galapagos! Stop trawling around Costa Rica, let's save our seas and fish! Spain. Councilor for the Environment of the Town Hall of Pozuelo de Alarcón: start constructing the promised Animal Protection Center! Russia. Bring to responsibility for animal cruelty, beating a cat, in the city of Buinsk, Republic of Tatarstan!  France. Requesting housing for Mathieu, his son, and his Django dog Argentina. Justice for the Doberman dog hanged with a chain,  Villa Sarita, near the kiosk "Itati" Spain. City of Pontons: apply catch, neuter, spay and return programs for feral cats! Burberry: Stop selling real fur just for fashion and profit! Pledge to Boycott Burberry until they stop selling fur for fashion! Trump, you can save the elephants in Africa
                    ========   News and more    ========= University of Missouri ends shocking eye experiments on beagles


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