Friday, December 8, 2017

Petitions and More, December 8 US-info. Please support and push for passage of the US Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act, H.R. 1406. Animals deserve better! Because giving up is not an option... #HR1406 Please, retweet... Needs even more signatures  Breeding deformed cats such as the Bambino Sphynx, Foldex, Dwelf and Napoleon Fold is prohibited by law. Nevertheless, these breeding practices still take place in the Netherlands. Therefore sign the petition against the breeding of designer cats !  US-info. Tell Congress: No animal should be hunted to extinction so that someone can have a trophy on their wall! Vote against measures to remove Endangered Species Act protections from Gray Wolves, including HR 424, HR 3668 and S1514!  Define ethical standards that guarantee that animals will not be tormented because it's a worthwhile business!  Say NO to patents on animals! Once again. US-info. Say NO to Faster Chicken Slaughter! Once more.  Zinke: Do not allow trophy hunters to kill Zimbabwe's elephants! I support a big investment in Canada’s protected areas in Budget 2018! I urge you to provide new funding for nature in Canada! Barbie breeds dogs now? Mattel, discontinue the Barbie Newborn Pups Doll immediately  US-info. Protect ocean wildlife by pledging to boycott unsustainably-caught swordfish! Uruguay. Guarantee to stop these atrocities towards animals, stop teaching our children this kind of barbarisme! France. Protest! The ADADA, the oldest association for the defense and protection of (now 325) abused and abandoned donkeys, has been recognized to be of public interest as a public utility since 2008. The disappearance of the subsidized contracts calls into question the very existence of the ADADA!  Mexico. Save and protect the cats colony, stop the poisoning, allow vet's care and sterilization of the abandoned cats and kittens in the Ecological Park of Veracruz, where they keep it rodent free! Tell Congress: No animal should be hunted to extinction so that someone can have a trophy on their wall! Tell Congress: Don't gut the Antiquities Act!
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