Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Petitions and More, December 19

https://animalequality.org.uk/actionforpigs/ Once more. Demand that pig welfare laws are enforced, government and retailers, the British public wants an end to the most extreme factory farming practices!
https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/205852 Strengthen the 2004 Hunting Act, too many loopholes, discourage illegal hunting and raise penalties! Sign as a UK citizen. Confirm please
https://www.facebook.com/groups/ActivistsforHR1406/permalink/1769600506675380/ Targeting Marc's Big 7 and The Agricultural Committee. They Need to Wake Up and Smell The Blood On The Roses. Tweet Them, Share Them....Comment!
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1001450553308864/?fref=nf  Scroll down please. They Need Your Help To Ask Congress for the Changes That Are Needed To Ban Dog&Cat Meat in the US, Please Retweet!
https://www.viva.org.uk/faceoff/take-action Shocking findings at Hogwood Farm in Warwickshire, UK, I urge the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) to close down this farm due to the serious animal cruelty and neglect brought to light!
http://www.djurskyddet.se/aktuellt/katternas-onskelista/ Sweden. The fight for the cats' protection and rights. Member of Parliament, carefully read the attached wish list with rules for amendments to the new Animal Welfare law that would help reduce the number of homeless cats and help many cats to find their home!
http://www.petitie24.nl/petitie/1503/uscko Netherlands. Uscko, a young Mechelen Shepherd escaped and ended up at a playground of a school, where children, throwing stones and pulling his tail, were slightly injured. He will be assessed, give him a chance!
https://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/campaigns/3116 Scotland-info. Object to the proposal for a golf course at Loch Fleet, show Highland Council how much we care about Scotland’s beauty and wildlife
http://cqrcengage.com/cleanwisconsin/app/write-a-letter?1&engagementId=423433 US-info. Tell the Legislature to protect our wetlands, Oppose SB 600/AB 547
http://bit.ly/2Bw68Zo Russia. Thrown from the balcony of the third floor of a block of flats along Oktyabrsky Prospekt, 128 (Velikie Luki, Pskov Region), was male dachshund nicknamed "Rick". Law enforcement authorities refused to initiate a case of cruel treatment of animals! Convict the perpetrator!
http://bit.ly/2yWghvh Russia. Investigate and prohibit the activities of LLC "Vetdom" in Kazan due to violation of Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, extremely cruel treatment and killing of animals! Investigate the personal enrichment through budget funds!
http://bit.ly/2BIhY4V Russia. Head of the city of Perm,  support the work of the "Ambulance Station" for animals, and provide the premises needed!
https://www.change.org/p/hayvanlara-i%C5%9Fkence-edenler-bulunsun-ve-gerekli-cezalar-uygulans%C4%B1n Turkey. Take action towards torturers of animals, posting this online, we demand the necessary punishment! No official target
https://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/904/832/233/  Stop the Gunfire in Our Backyard! No More Waterfowl Hunting Near the Quinnipiac Meadows/Eugene B. Fargeorge Preserve
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