Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Petitions and More, December 6

To use this list: after signing etc. , click right on the upper arrow pointing to the left, choose the list again  Take action, send a message and/or tweet! US-info. House leadership, do not bring H.R. 4239, the "SECURE American Energy Act," to the floor in its current form.  This bill promotes oil and gas drilling offshore and on public lands regardless of the adverse effects on wildlife and their habitat! US-info. Urgent! Tell the Navy to commit to a reasonable plan that achieves military preparedness while maximizing marine mammal safety! Please Speak out on behalf of billions of chickens ! Italy. Park San Bartolo Authority: immediate suspension of the wild boar hunt in that park, an unacceptable decision! Elephants Beaten and Bullied Into Giving Tourists Rides
If you’re logged in automatically, please logout, and login the correct way again, else you will notice that the same petitions come back as not being signed! Russia. City of Neryungri. Help punish the brutal dog killers, eating dogs in front of the child! Italy. Close the non-public dogpound La Sfinge in Brusciano (NA), owned by notorious mr. Beneduce, paid for by public money, where dogs will die without having any chance to live! Turkey. Dismiss and charge this ‘guard’ at the dogpound in Dohayko, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, who beat and stabbed this dog, attempting to kill him! Brazil. Against these transports of livestock, this mega-operation in the Port of Santos for the shipment of about 27 thousand oxen to Turkey! Spain. Zamora. No to the construction of the macro pig farm (12000 pigs) by the Catalan company Selection Batalle! Turkey. Have Institutions provide leftover food to the dogpound Russia.  Murmansk region. Forbid the hunting of reindeer, listed in the red book! Russia. Save the dolphins! Prohibit mobile dolphinariums in Ulyanovsk! Uruguay. Request for non-profit NGOs that rescue animals to be exempted from taxes Mexico. Prohibit the exploitation and abuse of ponies, mainly in the fairs and expos throughout Mexico, and investigate the situation of these animals, the abuse and the conditions that their owners keep them in Needs more signatures. Stand Against oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! Our Oceans Can't Stomach Anymore Plastic
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