Thursday, December 28, 2017

Petitions and More, December 28 Stop Yulin, China- finally finish this horrific dog meat 'festival'! Needs 500,000 signatures   From Riley Chi, retweets for HR1406! Once again. US-info. Tell Congress: No Anti-Wildlife Provisions in 2018 Budget! France. Against closing the SPA de Valdelancourt 52 in June 30 2018, the only refuge for dogs and cats in this department, with many volunteers! To confirm  ZIP=5 digits. Stand up to Trump’s dangerous and radical anti-environment agenda Netherlands. For a stop on meat advertising! Russia. Stop the mass poisoning of animals in the City - Kislovodsk Resort! Italy. Stop the hunting massacre of foxes (a thousand!) next January in the Novarese,  find alternative solutions, capture them to transfer to other territories! Thailand. Close the Khao Yai Road during the night, reduce accidents with wildlife, help save wild animals at Khao Yai! Mexico. Petition to save the lives of the Bulls  (Dec. 12...) Catholic church Argentina. Save the Teyú Cuaré park and it's fauna and flora, it is part of the UNESCO heritage! France. Mare du Givout of 2600 m² and endangered biodiversity: Do not endanger this pond by digging activities! Urge South Korea to End the Dog Meat Trade! Protect Southern forests from being clearcut to fuel Europe's power plants!
                 ==========   News and more    ========== France. Poll. The majority of taxpayers demand the halt of lethal fire on wolves, and you?  (Je suis contre... first box)


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