Monday, December 18, 2017

Petitions and More, December 18 New Retweets, We Hope that Christmas will bring some Compassion to our Congress to Push HT1406 to the Floor for a Vote to Prohibit the Consumption of Dogs and Cats in the USA Act now to end pig pain, Save These Rare Dolphins! Fodor's Travel Is Lying About Elephant Abuse—Take Action US-info. Protest. Big Oil and their allies in Congress are trying to open Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge up to dangerous drilling AU-info. Deep concern about overseas fishing in our marine parks Essity, stop the destruction of valuable areas in the Great Northern Forest for Edet toilet paper and Tempo tissues! Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JPMorgan Chase, immediately drop your funding for Keystone XL  Demanding governments to take action to change the fate of the Great Barrier Reef Updates, Koreandogs, take action Russia. Adopt the federal law on the protection of animal rights! France. Justice for Cookie the cat, beaten and thrown from the balcony! Brazil. We want an Animal Protection Office in Rio de Janeiro now! Let's preserve the environment of the Landes de Lanvaux: no to the creation of an industrial chickenfarm!  France. Justice for my cat Roro, against DVL vet clinic and it's violent way of handling our Rominet, destroying it's health, euthanized it without our knowledge Italy. Close the Owl Cafè Italy, Via Carvasaglio 19, 25036 Palazzolo (BS), owls are nocturnal birds and not adapted to an existence in crowded and noisy places, even if born in captivity Immediately stop cutting down forests for wind turbines in Hünxe, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany Send your message to,,,,, copy/paste Swedish text
                       =========   News and more    ==========  Poll. Should Ohio ban puppy mills


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