Thursday, December 21, 2017

Petitions and More, December 21 See more. Wild Horses and Burro’s. Fact spreading campaign around politicians. This is the first 100 in congress - before they vote for the budget again. If you want to help, please retweet! The governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, recently signed a bill that would allow more Bobcats to be hunted in his state - even though bobcats were recently on the threatened species list, and were protected for over 40 years! Stop This Heartless Slaughter! Tell Amazon UK: No more real fur sold as fake! Everyone can sign Obligatory neutering and spaying of cats in Germany Speak Up for Turkeys This Christmas, Urge South Staffordshire Council to reject the cruel proposal for a new factory farm in Staffordshire, which, if approved, will see 60,000 turkeys sent to slaughter every year! The Government has just let an oil giant into a Māui dolphin habitat France. Establish Sunday as a day without hunting! To confirm France. Petition for vaccine freedom - Against the measures put in place for the FCO-4!  BCF is neither contagious nor transmissible to humans; the vaccine contains very aggressive substances If not signed yet, please do  Pledge to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!   EPA: Stop Monsanto from poisoning our environment!  US-info. If correct...Thank your representative for voting against the pro-polluter tax scam — and urge them to continue to be an environmental champion. Or: Hold your Representative Accountable for Voting for the Pro-Polluter Tax Bill Protest! Germany. Give She-wolf Goldie and her pack (4 cubs) a voice! The city council of Goldenstedt unanimously adopted a resolution that the Lower Saxony government is demanding to immediately kill the entire Barnstorf pack! Stop Buffalo Abuse at Kambala Races
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