Friday, December 22, 2017

Petitions and More, December 22 Retweets! Scroll down. See more. Tears, Joy, Pain is All The Same In All Living Creatures ‼️PLS Retweet Asking The Congress to Cosponsor HRes401 Urging 4 Global Ban of the Horrific Dog&Cat Meat Trade. China, unborn puppies for dogmeat! Retweets. Please ask these reps to cosponsor HR1406! Retweets! HR1406. It's Time To Start Asking For Help. Our Congress is either ignoring us or we have been blocked....No new Cosponsors since when....??? 400 Letters and all I get back an auto reply...sorry I don't work here no more. Let's Hit the News....
------------------------------------------------ The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a strategic plan to incorporate the development and use of alternatives to refine, reduce, and replace animals in chemical testing and is seeking public comments. Sample give.  Comment now, or directly go to
------------------------------------------------- More actions, if not signed yet The pressing need for fur labelling legislation in the UK! Swedish Royal House: stop wearing fur, dressing in fur is unethical and untimely! Sweden should draw up a national comprehensive action plan for phasing out animal experiments and action plans for reducing animal experiments! Several more flash actions Suspend Experimenters' Animal Use Privileges if They Violate the Rules! Give a Sh*t, and Stop Selling Fur! US-info. Emergency Action to Protect Central Herd: End West Side Hunting, Harassment & Stop Yellowstone's Slaughter Plans! Chile. Melinka, Las Guaitecas, Aysén Region. A home and support for my friends, the homeless dogs Japan. Tokyo District. We call for severe punishment under the law and establishment of Animal Police to strictly punish animal cruelty offenders! Turkey. Protest. This brutality should not remain unpunished! Turkey. Eyup Municipality. Arrest and charge this pervert who raped a cat! Turkey. Close the miserable Konya zoo and relocate the animals! Turkey. Bolluca. In need of (official) support for our Beykoz dogs rescue! France. For the sterilization and compulsory identification of stray cats in Corbeil-Essonnes Update Camp Kitty - Cowra Council, the conditions at CK are unsatisfatory! Send a short message to  asking for a change! Ask the City Council of Cardedeu for an ethical Christmas fair with animals Tell @AmazonUK: No more real fur sold as fake #FurFreeBritain The EPA Should Protect Our Communities NOT Polluters Tell your governor to step up and be a climate leader
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