Friday, December 29, 2017

Petitions and More, December 29 and Retweets for HR1406 and HRes401 against the dog and cat meat trade Sign, and return to ‘Petitionen’, Petitions More signatures please. The Netherlands. Minister Sigrid Kaag of Foreign Trade, stop supporting this worldwide system of animal suffering! Current actions, if not signed yet (US-info) Petition for an improved better Animal Protection Act in Croatia Show Your Support for the Fur Farming Ban in Flanders, send your message  Help Us Change the Hunting Law in Croatia Stop Experiments on Primates in Europe Ban on Using Horses for Dragging Logs Petition for the Reform of Veterinary Inspection Mexico. No more dying and dogs being killed in the dogpounds! Update Fox brutally attacked and killed in Cork garden, send/post your message!
We have achieved a small result, a step forward in Russia: President Putin will strengthen penalties for those who exercise cruelty on animals. A decision that many countries should take, including Italy Russia. Allow NPOs to file claims on behalf of animals ( there will be no state institution in Russia authorized to speak on behalf of animals and to represent in court if their rights are violated, which so far happens quite often) ! Russian experiment. Protest. Distressing footage appears to show a dog 'breathing' underwater in a Russian experiment (not in Serbia) Russia. Violence towards and enslavement of animals should be punishable under the law! Russia. Against the huge landfill in the age-old forest with abundant wildlife near the rural settlement of Filippovskoe of the Kirzhachsky district, Vladimir region! Italy. Give a voice to the animals, inserting a specific chapter in the national program of M5S, for the next political elections , to be written with the support of the spokesmen elected in parliament (above all Paul Bernini ), animal activists and animal welfare associations! France. Stop the mutilations caused by (often useless) painful means of identification for animals, sheep, goats, and start using the alternatives instead of these ear indicators!  Tattooers should be punished according to the laws on cruelty to animals of Ukraine Protect Westchester Families from Secondhand Smoke: Require Emissions Filters for Restaurants that Burn Wood near Residences
            ========   News and more    ========= 2017-12-28 Slaughterhouse 81 Rescue - 175 Dogs Saved !!! China Location: Changchun, Jilin Vegan Billboard Goes Up in Times Square

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