Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Prov. Jilin, China. Protest: dogs and deer to be defined as livestock!

The province of Jilin, China, intends to make a new ruling/law aiming at managing the slaughtering of livestock, and to include dogs! So, regulations of dog slaughter will be reinforced!
We are aware that the friends in China, with much courage and dedication, are fighting the extremely hard battle of animal protection. You can therefore imagine the fate of hundreds of thousands of dogs in China if this kind of «ruling" spreads....!
Subject: 抗议狗和鹿定义为牲畜!Protest: dogs and deer to be defined as livestock!
To:  jlrdguo@163.com, yanmeqian@126.com

------- Translation------------
Dear Sir or Madame,
I am extremely shocked to learn that «edible» dogs are included in the ruling of slaughtering in your province. Moreover, that deer are also now, counted as «livestock».
For ethical, traditional or practical reasons, virtually no country regulates «dog consumption».
1, None is ignorant of the special role dogs have always played with human beings: police dogs, guide dogs, customs dogs, guide dogs for the blind; rescue dogs, dogs that help sick people, dogs that accompany children or elderly people.
Does China intend, together with only two or three other countries in the world, to find a culinary use for dogs?
2, I hear that in China, an opaque criminal chain exists which steals, poisons, snatches, transports and sells illegally, dogs for human consumption.
The assistant secretary - general of the Chinese National Meat Association points out explicitly that «Dog breeding for consumption does not exist in our country»:
Can you tell me how your «edible» dogs are «supplied»?
3. If I have understood, your country is provided with a law on the protection of wildlife. How is it possible that deer have become «edible»?
Lastly, I would like to know if, in «ruling» on the slaughter and consumption of dogs and deer, you are counting on improving the image of your country in the rest of the world?


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