Friday, July 21, 2017

Petitions and More, July 21

-------------------------- Copy/paste, send a message or choose your own words. Previous Cosponsors of H. Res30, Group of Reps #67 – #82. Please cosponsor H.Res. 401 against the dog and catmeat trade! ZIP=5 digits. Ask Baystate Medical Center to End the Use of Live Animals in Trauma Training Courses! Resist Trump's Sham Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan Stop Federal Budget Cuts that Endanger Africa’s Wildlife Please call on the South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs to reverse the decision to export lion skeletons More attention needed! To sign against the Parma Ham Consortium, Italy, express your indignation, the hidden suffering in factory farms for ham, ‘made in Italy’! Needs many more signatures! Mandatory CCTV in Scottish abattoirs Wolves Under Congressional Attack.  US-info. Please call your members in Congress and demand that they protect wolves and defend the Endangered Species Act! If not sent yet. US-info. Support the Save Our Seas Act. S.756, Senate, and H.R.2748 in the House Don't Let Trump Turn This Forest Into a Coal Mine! Federal Coal Lease Modifications COC-1362 & COC-67232: No Action Alternative  Offshore drilling is dangerous and short-sighted! Tell JPMorgan Chase to Defund Tar Sands Pipelines  If not signed yet, please do. The animal torture of trapper Dana Humphries must disappear from Facebook! Mexico. Create and strengthen laws to protect the rights of homeless dogs Argentina. Gov. of CABA. Urgent request for a public veterinary hospital Colombia. Protest! The Lorraine wildlife refuge of the city of Cali-Colombia has been collecting and saving the lives of hundreds of mistreated animals. Now the DAGMA dep. wants to close this shelter without weighty justifications. Leaving all these animals homeless in danger of euthanasia  City of Tula Tamaulipas, Mexico, No to the killing of Bulls! NARS: Stick With Commitment to Cruelty-Free Cosmetics! Justice for Xanda, Cecil's Son: Ban Trophy Hunting Now! End The Killing In Our Nation's Animal Shelters By 2025! Target missing. Stop the mass euthanasia! Helping stray dogs and cats in Guadeloupe Tell Loblaws to Ensure Animals Aren't Tortured in Its Supply Chain! Real Protections For Two Disappearing Animals, the Vaquita and Totoaba
        =======  News and more     ========== Lawsuit Challenges Massive U.S. Export of Wild Animal Pelts for International Fur Trade. Around 80,000 Wild Bobcats, River Otters, Wolves, Lynx, Brown Bears Killed, Exported Each Year


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