Monday, July 31, 2017

Petitions and More, July 31  Send a message please, S. Korea’s sister cities campaign  This brave mainland Chinese activist rallied again at a busy night market in Weifang, Shandong province. She has committed to protest at least once a week. Help her voice reach Ed Royce, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy,  2 retweets! US-info. Congress: Support PUPPERS Act to defund V.A. dog experiments! Urgent. Sample letter to protest against the use of barbaric 1080 poison! Or use your own words. Mail to  Cc:   I demand the immediate cessation of the use of 1080 poison baiting in New Zealand! This poison is an inhumane, insidious and indiscriminate way of exterminating animals - it poses a danger to any animal or human that may unwittingly come across it and consume it as it is scattered randomly in wildlife areas, forests, farms and national parks! Austria. If not signed yet. Heat-free from 30 ° C, shade at all stands, ban on mullets, daily run-out on a pasture for the used horses! Fire protection also for farmed animals! Scroll down for more petitions, they all need more signatures  Spain. Aragon.  Stop the persecution of the Iberian wolf, which is being promoted under pressure of hunters  and cattlemen; take sensible measures! Argentina. Buenos Aires region. Cease this harassment to dismantle what is now El Campito Felino, and preserve it in the same place! Argentina. Request for massive and free de-sexing campaigns in the general Rodriguez municipality! Italy. Pieve al Toppo in the Municipality of Civitella. A balcony is no place for a dog (German shepherd) Do something now for the animals dying in Venezuelan zoos Demand Gregory Andrews saves the koala from extension on our east-coast Do Not Confirm Sam Clovis to a Top Governmental Science Position
           ========   News and more   ========= Urgencies! Harmony Fund: Give Food & Water to 350 Cats Daily, the  Air Is Too Hot to Breathe Here!

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