Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Petitions and More, July 26 Co-sponsor HR 1406, the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017. 2 emailbatches, sample letter, copy, paste, or use your own words, send please. Short tweetsheet included Italy. Put an end to the canine breeding business and the immense suffering of thousands of dogs in dogpounds and in the streets Needs 50,000 sign. Stop Federal Budget Cuts that Endanger Africa’s Wildlife The Netherlands. Ban the fox hunt in the province of Flevoland!  US-info. Protest. Worst logging bill ever! They call it HR 2936, or the Federal Forest Resiliency Act of 2017, or the Westerman bill US-info.  Ask your Representative to oppose H.R. 3115! Every year in the Netherlands eight million ducks spend their lives without ever seeing water, this is unnatural Turkey. Charge those responsible for the dog massacre in the dogpound of the Yalova Municipality!
Lanusei Investments: Do not evict Javier and all the helpless animals of Shambala Shrine Refuge! Argentina. Nahuel Ranzani, of Santo Tome, province of Santa Fe, published a photo on his Facebook page on 24/7/17, entitled "CAGO FUEGO EL PUMITA", showing a juvenile specimen of a protected Puma concolor, killed. Requesting to intervene in this case and penalize the wrongful act! Congress: Say No to Trump and Perry's Catastrophic Clean Energy Cuts
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