Monday, July 24, 2017

Petitions and More, July 24 Short tweetsheet, cosponsor H.Res. 401, against the dog and cat meat trade!  Needs more signatures. Stop Federal Budget Cuts that Endanger Africa’s Wildlife  Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Whales and Dolphins. Now open for individuals to join. Confirm Let’s get to 250,000 sign. Stop the destruction of Selous! The poaching has to be stopped and no industry, such as mining or dams, must be allowed! To confirm Costa Rica, don't export that stockpile of hammerhead shark fins Several actions for Wildlife, if not signed yet US-info. Tell your Senators: Don't put the fate of our National Monuments in the hands of a Big Oil crony!  Reject David Bernhardt! ZIP=5 digits. Protest. US Forest Service is now considering a proposal to allow the nation's second largest coal company, Arch Coal, to bulldoze roads and scrape methane vent pads into 1,700 acres of the pristine Sunset Roadless Area just forty miles west of Aspen, Colorado! US-info. Stop Massive Budget Cuts to EPA / Interior Argentina. Requesting a new location/property for Refugio Palomar, to be evicted from their current property at the Pdo de Moròn Mexico.  Recognize animals as sentient beings within our Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Nuevo León! Japan. Severely punish the Kumamoto prefectural animal management center who killed 14  cats,  despite the suspension period after the earthquake, and caught 1 stray cat to kill as well Spain. Animals have ample possibilities to get out of water storage basins. Establish means for them to climb out, or install fencing! Spain. City of Herencia, do not defend animal torture! France.  Calling for the creation of police units for animal protection .... Germany. Introduce a state-financed program covering the costs for pets of severely ill persons in poverty  Belgium, stop the import of hunting trophies of the African big five! Cecil's Son Killed. Keep the Ban on Imports of Lion Trophies from Zimbabwe! Cecil's Son Shot and Killed. End Trophy Hunting Now!
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