Monday, July 10, 2017

Petitions and More, July 10 US-info. Support the FACT Act: End secrecy about wasteful federal animal testing Urge the Prime Minister of Spain to End the Bloody Torture of Bulls Urgent: Speak Out Against Plans for Monstrous Chicken Farm in Nottinghamshire Needs more sign. urgently! Germany. RTL-TV station. Request for a 24 hour donation marathon in favor of animals and the establishment of a foundation for the benefits of animals! To confirm Turtles and Frogs Await Death While on Display We demand the implementation and enforcement of an Animal Protection Law in China! Update, send complaint to:  the secretary mr. Ratnakar and the trustees! Brazil. Governor of the State of São Paulo, sanction PL 706 to no longer justify the submission of animals to exploitation and cruelty in Educational activities, especially when alternative methods already exist, in accordance with Federal Law 9.605 / 98! Spain. Against the new law of Galicia (fines and sanctions for feeding and gathering animals)!  Town councils of the region of Cazorla: we are without shelter! Mexico. Eruviel Ávila Villegas and Indalecio Ríos V: No to arbitrarily catching of dogs (because of feces left in the streets) Spain. Freedom and a dignified life for several dogs living in appalling conditions in the Parish of Mondego, Place de Quintán No. 19, Sada, A Coruña Argentina. Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires: Financial support needed to help out with the rescue of street dogs Chile. Minister of Sport: Rodeo can not be called a "national sport"! Russia. Belarus. Help the bears languishing in too small and dirty cages in the Bialowieza Forest! Europe. Hands off - Prevent the death of the Adriatic sea, No oil platforms in the Adriatic! Spain. Protest against the programming of the Fiestas del Carmen in Isla Cristina this year 2017, specifically, games with heifers and novilladas, two activities that we consider primitive and cruel to animals Argentina, Mendoza: stop the killing of parrots, they are protected!  Belgium. Oppose the request to restart the cracked reactors Tihange 2 and Doel 3, nuclear power stations
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