Thursday, July 6, 2017

Petitions and More, July 6 If not sent yet. Deadline for submitting your complaint is July 12, 2017. President Moon, S. Korea, will report back at the end of August  Tweetsheet, different languages, S. Korea;jsessionid=00000000.app272a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=894  ZIP=5 digits. Tell Hennepin County Medical Center to Stop Using Rabbits and Sheep for Emergency Medicine Training US-info. Tell Congress: The USDA Must Restore its Animal Welfare Database Shocking video from PETA USA: Dogs and cats suffer and die for Bayer, Novartis & Co, Liberty Research!  An end to Bullfighting and torture in Spain!  Request the Prime Minister of Spain to end the bloody torture of bulls!  Needs 80,000 sign. Dr. Merkel, I urge you to end the systematic animal cruelty, which hundreds of millions of animals in Germany have to undergo every year, from their birth to death! Ask the scientific dep. of the German brewing industry to support animal-free research! No to the use of mice for alcohol tests! Send a message. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, permanently ban a team of researchers from experimenting on mice ZIP=5 digits. No to oil and gas exploration in 80% of a proposed Marine Protected Area in the Laurentian Channel — an ecological treasure!  Peruvian officials:  Protect the threatened Shipibo indigenous leaders in the Ucayali region! France. Urgent: save Cyra, abused male German shepherd, who risks euthanasia!  ZIP=4 digits. Add your name to this book for your MP to save our sanctuaries today Act Now: Protect National Monuments in Arizona Spain. Impose punishment and clear restrictions to networks for youth attacking innocent kitten! Argentina. Strengthen the National Program ProTenence for free castration, vaccination and deworming for animals Italy. Release (sterilized) Dick, an independent and harmless dog that lived freely in Oriolo Romano Update, needs more signatures! Illegal Fireworks Kill World Champion Horse Whose Winnings Were Donated to Wounded Warriors Tell Congress: Protect Our Beaches. Protect the EPA Demand Labels On This Cancerous Product
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