Monday, July 3, 2017

Petitions and More, July 3  Trader Joe's, Northgate Market: Stop selling Mexican shrimp and save the Vaquita!
I'm requesting that the code strictly prohibits the provision of greyhounds to any medical research facility!’ ZIP=5 digits. Tell NOAA: Don’t allow dangerous seismic airgun blasting in the U.S. Atlantic and the harm it will cause to whales, dolphins and other marine life! US-info.  Forest Service, do not let this magnificent National Forest be bulldozed for coal profits! US-info. Stop Water Pollution from Coal Plants Argentina. Ciudad de Rio Seco, Tucuman. Identify the sick person responsible for this diabolic act carried out on Angelita! For a scientific management of Iberian wolf populations throughout the Spanish state, no eliminations! If things don’t change, we predict leopards will essentially disappear from many areas in South Africa by about 2020! Spain. Calafell. Investigate the kennels where hunting dogs are kept, do they comply with sanitary and urban regulations. Take the necessary measures for the deaths and disappearances, and apply corresponding penalties to the owners! Ecuador. Cuenca. Save the ARCA Foundation Refuge with 300 dogs, still in need of support  Italy. University of Cagliari. Sanction the students who threw the cat in the fountain and filmed it Spain. Protest. El Hogar, the animal sanctuary run by the vegan activist Elena Tova in Catalonia has to leave land and rescue with 200 abused animals, within 1 year, ordered by the ProVegan Foundation! Facebook, prohibit the sale of dogs and other animals, to prevent uncontrolled breeding in Mexico Brazil. São Paulo, Av. Ragueb Chofi, protest. Bus driver pretended not to have seen the dog and ran over him without looking back Spain. Catalunya. Declare the Park of Collserola to be a Wildlife Refuge, without allowing to hunt animals Spain. No to the exploitation of gas or other constructions in Doñana! Spain. Spain. Andalucia. Save Donana, the park and nature Help the saddest bears in Europe and encourage the Albanian Minister for the Environment to adopt and enforce a ban on the cruel private exhibition of bears!
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