Saturday, July 15, 2017

Petitions and More, July 15 US-info. Oppose the War on Wolves Rider included in S. 1514 ! Help us push back against this aggressively anti-conservation administration and protect imperiled wildlife for future generations US-info. Protect the Arctic Refuge for Wildlife  Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, Let's help the animals of the street Governor of Tolima, Colombia, let us help those who can not speak, we request your collaboration for sterilizations and medicines for abandoned animals 1) Demand SeaWorld Atone for Killing Baby Beluga Whale 2) Missouri State Representative Brutally Kills Chicken to Somehow Protest Abortion  Brazil. Message to Sapore, Band, BMW, Globo, SBT, General Electric, Faber-Castell, Network TV and Tramontina,  have compassion with animals and declare the end of  chickens in cages cruelty! Name, email, enviar France. Animal shelters are already full. To confirm  Appoint a Minister of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare so that the lines really move for this cause, animals justice  Demand Toba Pulp Lestari respect the land rights of Indigenous Batak communities Plurinational State of Bolivia, withdraw your accusations against Pablo Sol√≥n and Rafael Archondo and recognize Indigenous Peoples’ right to Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) about major development projects such as the El Bala and Chepete dams in their territories  US-info. 11 Protected Ocean Parks are at Risk TD Bank, stop funding tar sands pipelines that put water at risk Rescind the Enviva Richmond County Wood Pellet Mill Air Permit Now Mexico. Merida Yucatan. No more torture of horses at the tournament del Lazo in Merida Yucatan! Mexico. Make convictions to those who mistreat animals more severe!  Crepes & Waffles: stop sponsoring bullfighting! Spain. Requesting a new trial for the abused dog, case between Miare and Dalas Wolves Under Congressional Attack -- Take Action Today Tell the Feds: Don't Let Red Wolves Disappear Demand that foxhounds be muzzled when outside off-leash
       ==========   News and more    =========== National poll about wild horses, asking Americans whether they want continuing protection of wild horses or slaughter. The result


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