Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Please co-sponsor H.Res. 401 to condemn the barbaric dog and cat meat trade!

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Subject: Please co-sponsor H.Res. 401 to condemn the barbaric dog and cat meat trade
To:   Alexis.Anderson@mail.house.gov, gerryconnolly@mail.house.gov, Molly.Cole@mail.house.gov, Katy.Rowley@mail.house.gov, Erica.Dicio@mail.house.gov, Marilyn.Dillihay@mail.house.gov, Betsy.Dudley@mail.house.gov, Jenna.Galter@mail.house.gov, Jerry.McBride@mail.house.gov, Matt.Cartwright@mail.house.gov, Samuel.Nagata@mail.house.gov, Jeremy.Marcus@mail.house.gov, shantanu.tata@mail.house.gov, Jerrold.Nadle@mail.house.gov, Lisette.Morton@mail.house.gov, Ben.Freeman@mail.house.gov, Elise.Ackley@mail.house.gov, Brandon.Honore@mail.house.gov, scott@mail.house.gov, Kevin.Dowling@mail.house.gov, Laura.Detter@mail.house.gov, Yvesner.Zamar@mail.house.gov, Erik.Sperling@mail.house.gov, Robin.Chand@mail.house.gov, Lois.Frankel@mail.house.gov, Olivia.Hodge@mail.house.gov, Kelsey.Mishkin@mail.house.gov, Rashmi.Nair@mail.house.gov,
Dear Congressman,
I am writing you to ask for your support and co-sponsorship of House Resolution 401: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-resolution/401/text
Millions of dogs and cats lives that are brutally and inhumanely tortured, slaughtered, and then eaten EVERY YEAR in Asia.
As they wait to be skinned alive, boiled alive in hot water, torched alive, dismembered alive, hung over and over, electrocuted anally and/or in the mouth and the list goes on of any form of torture that goes BEYOND the mind of a normal person. (This is every day for these animals throughout Asia.)
During this time of waiting they are degraded in various ways such as being urinated and spit on, and also go without food or water for days.
This is all done on front of very young children, who grow up thinking it is normal and it is okay. With it being our future generation, who do you think will travel to the United States? Those young children.
These are only a few of the details of this horrific event that myself along with numerous other activists have been fighting so hard to put an end to. These acts are the most inhumane and abnormal behavior inflicted upon our loyal companions that continually risk THEIR lives for us as police dogs, service dogs, soldiers, victims support, and so on. It is not our intention to dictate how other countries should resolve their internal affairs or what they should consume.
However, as citizens of society as a whole, it is our responsibility to advocate and bring awareness to this form of genocide that is happening every year in Yulin. We believe animals do not have borders, and it is our duty to be their voice. How can we as a progressive society sit in silence?
Thank you so much for your time.


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