Friday, July 7, 2017

Petitions and More, July 7 US. Today, while Congress is in-district on recess, it's time to let their district offices know: #NoHorseSlaughter! Thank World's Leading Online Luxury Fashion Retailer for its Decision to Eliminate Fur! Canada. Scroll down for alerts As your great nation gets ready to celebrate its 150th birthday, sealers are preparing to go about the bloody business of slaughtering tens of thousands of seal pups!  US-info. Take action to defend our monuments  Take action. US-info. Tell Congress: Reject POTUS Budget for Parks  Create the first 100% Marine National Park of Spain now in the Mar de las Calmas to guarantee the conservation of its extraordinary natural values and fauna! Needs 40,000 sign. Against the Pebble Mine Maintain the pesticide ban to protect bees Argentina. Villa Constitucion. Bring the ordinance 4582 "regulation of the activity of urban collectors using equines"  in operation, to stop mistreatment! if not, proceed with the removal of the animals and provide a vehicle to the owner, giving the horse the possibility to recover in a good quality of life, and to be adopted by responsible persons Argentina. Merlo. Establish a public Veterinary Hospital Italy. Remove Daniela Santanch√©, wearing fur and in favor of hunting, from Italian politics! Demand justice for Strushie the Cat Tell Pruitt: Keep polluters out of our drinking water  Tell Pruitt: Keep polluters out of our drinking water Save Ready Set Ride. Support and funds needed
              =========  News and more   ========= Press Release. Chris Stewart Violates Title 18 of the USC. Congressman Stewart Reports a 41% increase in WH&B population in less than 5 months - IMPOSSIBLE

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