Thursday, July 27, 2017

Petitions and More, July 27 Send a message please, friendship city campaign
------------------------------------- US-info. Oppose the War on Wolves Rider included in S. 1514 ! Deadline today. Please act, if not done so yet! Let’s get more signatures please! Germany. North Rhine-Westphalia's new Minister of Agriculture Christina Schulze Föcking (CDU) is absolutely intolerable in her office. Recordings from the pigsties of their family farms show severely injured animals with gaping wounds, which vegetate without sufficient water in the dirt! Confirm please Albertsons could sell humane options but is stocking its shelves with cruel glue traps instead Rainforests and wildlife protection Let’s get to 40,000 comments. Stop the EPA from greenlighting Pebble Mine! Italy. We ask you to give a "sabbatical year" to our battered environment by suspending, at least during the 2017/2018 season, the hunting and training of dogs in our regional territories and allowing nature - at least for this small aspect - to heal! Increase sentencing for bestiality! (owner of Love Lucy Pet Rescue (Hattieville - Arkansas) Germany, Bavaria: For the closure of the "Jura Zoo" - for the welfare of the animals, relocate them Tell Taiwan's Government: Save Elephants and Ban The Ivory Trade Demand Stronger Wildlife Trafficking Laws To Save Elephants Tell Yahoo! Japan: Stop Selling Ivory And Protect Elephants Endangered Cheetahs Don't Belong On A Leash. Ban The Cheetah Trade Today Ban the Trophy Hunting of African Lions and Protect them as Endangered Species Take Action Before Poachers Kill The Last Rhino Only 500 left: Save the Green Peafowl in China End The Cycle of Puppy Mill Cruelty. Don't Support Stores That Sell Puppies Local councils scan, record & notify of cat deaths collected from our roads Keep Plastic Bags Off Our Beaches
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