Monday, November 9, 2015

Petitions and More, November 9 Needs more signatures! Senators: criminalise cruelty — not cruelty investigations Chargeurs: stop the purchase and sale of wool completely
More attention needed  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions US-info. Tell USDA: Cruel industry norms are unacceptable
Brazil. Interlagos-SP. Arrest and prosecute the criminal that burned a pregnant, starving dog Russia. Petitioning OAO "Omsk airport" and 9 others. Airport workers killing animals in front of everyone Russia. Alexandrov, Vladimir region. Create a legislative ban on cruelty/abuse of dogs in Alexandrov and punish the Husky breeder at 2nd Red Mountain House 5 Brazil. State of Maranhão. Investigate under Art. 32 of the Federal Law no. 9605 1998 (Environmental Crimes Act) who was the man who killed Xena the cat, kicked to death in São Luis – MA Spain. Ministry of Education, withdraw the draft of a new training course, 'Bullfighting Livestock and Auxiliary Activities', to become a bullfighter, even at age 15, just to get votes of the tauro-lobby, further damaging the reputation of our education system Brazil. We are supporters of transforming rural areas in the municipality of Valinhos into Environmental Protection Areas, for the jaguar, deer, ocelot,  monkey, and many others; vetoing the urban transformation of these areas Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. Inhaúma neighborhood is the ideal place to build a Public Veterinary Clinic Brazil. Usina Açucareira de Passos S/A, stop the burning of sugar cane straw, it's polluting the air and killing wildlife Brazil. Sao Paulo. Transform the site Chácara Pirajussara, Estrada do Campo, Limpo, into a  Biological Sanctuary with exclusive access to institutional researchers Italy. Trani, mayor: create ​​an emergency room 24 hours a day for abandoned, stray animals, they have a right to be treated Urge Robindale Energy to Stop Surface Mining and Protect Our Precious Mountains and Wildlife Habitats USDA, stand firm this year end, and revoke Hugo Liebel’s License to allow Nosey to continue performing and giving rides
                  =========  News and more   ========= An ordinary day in our shelter with 600 dogs in Giurgiu -Romania


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