Saturday, November 28, 2015

Petitions and More, November 28 New Prime Minister of Nepal, we are calling for a ban on all slaughter festivals in Nepal!  Washington University, End the Use of Animals in your Pediatrics Residency Program! ZIP=5 digits Send a letter please. Austria, Science Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner, decide on a list of criteria for animal testing, at the end of Dec. 2015, which actually allows rejection of unethical animal testing applications!  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio/home, to scroll down for other petitions Bee-related scientific censorship has come to light Brazil. Do NOT allow the export of donkeys to China! Spain. Bizkaia. Remove these dogs, save them from further abuse and starvation Brazil. Last resort for Paws Friends Association. Transform this place into a welcoming, caring, vaccinating, castrating and responsible adoptions for the stray and mistreated dogs! Brazil. Pomerode(SC). Mayor, council, provide adequate shelter for our 4-legged friends to save them from abuse, poisoning and death; and let's start a big campaign for castrations Italy.  Carmagnola. Abolish the use of loud barrels at old/new year, it's a sign of civilization! For the protection of nature and for the prevention of environmental crises Tell Toyota to stop funding climate denial and animal cruelty - the Prius doesn't seem so eco-friendly now! Protect Elephants -- Don't Get Taken for a Ride
                    ======  News and more  ======== Once more. What do you think about the authorities' decision to shoot 46 wolves in Sweden? Please select the last option, Jag vill stoppa all jakt på varg= I want to stop all hunting wolves , click on rösta!  For the love of Animals


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