Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Petitions and More, November 18  Outlaw Leg hold traps! If not signed/shared yet  CA only. Don’t let California turn its back on its native wildlife Standing up for animals is not a crime! Pig farmers are now suing the animal rights organization, Belgium. Confirm your signature please  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions Join the largest action against Fur in Spain, Sunday December 6, 2015 in Barcelona  Forest fires, intentionally lit to clear land for palm oil production, raged across Sumatra and Borneo Petitioning Pope Francis. We reject violence against animals, and when it is masked by religious veils, it becomes even more grim, it not only offends the animalistic, but the whole Catholic world!
Turkey. The Yedikule Animal Shelter was subject to attacks. Many dogs were injured. We ask for protection by the municipality's security team Turkey. Safranbolu, improve animal shelters and the care, dogs are left to die Russia. Yelets. Stop Mayor S. Panov, who brought the whole city into a frenzy. The mere fact that stray animals are destroyed/poisoned instead of following the prescribed sanitary rules for rabies vaccination is a violation
Stop the slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands Turkey. Recognize animal rights (to live), dog massacres are crimes Argentina. Stop Animal Abuse – Order prosecution, trials and punishment for those responsible as perpetrators Spain. Close the municipal dog pound, an animal death camp, and relocate the budget to existing animal shelters in Madrid and the rest of the province Spain. We demand a referendum calling for the abolition of the 'festivals' where Animal abuse and suffering occurs, such as el Toro de la Vega, Coria, Embolao and Bullfights, or any other comparable event Spain. Take legal action against the individual who mistreated and killed the Cordoba Nativity donkey, do not let such actions to be repeated and considered as a ‘prank’ but as a crime against (the rights of) animals Mexico. Sustainable living, clean water / air / land and no more animal abuse in SMA. Scroll down for English text Germany. Lichtenfels. We demand Christian Meissner to withdraw the shooting permit for the Highland cow and her calf Over 100 animals, farm animals, dogs, cats, rabbits,rodents, guinea fowl, parrots and reptiles, are currently for sale in the Central Market Building No. 4 St. Salvador, lack of care, under cruel, crowded conditions Argentina. Place perimeter fences along the highway of Dellepiane and all others. This will prevent unnecessary suffering of animals and accidents  Mexico. We oppose the construction of a road through a Protected Nature Area in Sierra Fria, Aguascalientes  Iguaba Grande. We demand an end to crimes against fauna, flora and illegal trade in minerals
                  =========  News and more   ======== A Call To Denmark: StandUp for the Pilot Whales What really goes into a spayathon - behind the scenes! Romania Nami Kim: thanks to the supporters and signatures, the case was closed announced "victory" last August


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